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Guys, I need some help pricing a shotgun. I don't sell guns, I buy them. Anyways, a dude from work wants it.

Ruger Red Label All Weather 12ga. Still with the 5 choke tubes and Briley wrench. Vanguard rolling hard case is going with it.

Not a scratch on it. Only three shells ever fired from the top barrel. Bottom barrel has never been fired.

Ozark guns has them listed at $1228.
Ozark Guns, Ruger O/U Red Label 12 Gauge

There's a 'sorta-similiar' one on gunsamerica for $1925. wth?
GunsAmerica - Ruger Red Label 12ga stainless synthetic CAMO - Ruger Shotguns > Hunting

*Long story short. I bought it about ten years ago for bird hunting. My lab died and my pointer was poisoned. I got married, had a kid. Just haven't ever found time to get back into bird hunting. Not many quail or grouse around here anymore anywho.
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