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  1. Ok i just got a really sweet looking MAS49/56 my question is, how do i get the **** thing apart to clean it????
    i've only succeeded in removing the hand guards and trugger assymbly, the rest will not budge and i don't know what to do to get this thing apart.
    help me please!!!

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  3. well they look ugly but they feel pretty solid, the action is a little "clunky" but mine seems tight and solid also, as for how they shoot, i'll post a reply here tomorrow as i'm going out to the desert in the morning with 100rds. of portugese i got w/ the rifle.
    The bore on my rifle is mirrior and i'm excited to try out my new toy!
    BTW i got it apart, and cleaned.

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  5. 8mm,

    At the rear of the receiver there is a spring loaded button. Push it down and push the dustcover forward about a half inch and lift it from the rear. It will be under pressure from the recoil spring (read: wear safety glasses). To do this, the gun must be unloded and the bolt in battery. If you have the furniture off and the trigger group out, you have stripped it about as far as you can without tools.

    Buttstock removal:
    Gas Tube Removal:

    1. Field strip the rifle.
    2. Remove the barrel band and forearm wood. A spanner for the head of the band retaining screw can be easily made from a common wide
    blade screwdriver. Hand file the blade to fit the notches in the screw head.
    3. Drive out the gas tube retaining pin at the barrel gas port block. The pin goes out from right to left.
    4. The gas tube will then slide rearward out of the block and receiver guide.
    5. Reverse the above to reinstall the gas tube.


    This is probably the most underrated MBR extant. It would not be if the French had chambered it in a standard round, but hey, they would not be French if they had done that! ;) They can be converted successfully to 308Win, but it takes some work, including reshaping the extractor. Most of the conversions you see these days are Century hack jobs. Some work and some don't. Those that don't can be fixed, ususally quite easily.

    The actions are far stronger than the pressure curve of the wimpy French cartridge requires. The rifle is heavy and the recoil is light. There is no firing pin spring, so you get slam fires with commercial primers. If you reload, use military style primers. Even then, you get a slam fire from time to time.
  6. Range Report

    Ok i am slightly disapointed w/ the rifle, as i only fired 40rds. and had 25 to 30 fail to extract, as i read FALphil's post i see what the problem might be, as mine is converted to .308, at first i thought the extractor was gummed up or dirty so i go some solvent in there cleaned out any dirt i saw then oiled fired 10rds. perfectly, next mag, went in first 2 or 3 extracted 4th rnd. didn't so i started looking at the cases and discovered that there were some case length scratches that seemed rather deep, but after reading FALphil's post my attention is back on the extractor claw but i've also descided to give the chamber a good polishing.
    And as i was so consentrated on the extraction problem i didn't have a chance to test it's accuracy, that's next on the list!.
    Any suggestions on this extraction problem?
  7. Yeah, weld it up and reshape it for the smaller rim. It doesn't take much. It sounds like the extractor is just not grabbing. If you want to experiment, you can get extra extractors from Buddy Hinton over on under French Firearms.
  8. FAL: is there anyway i can do it without welding, as i don't have access to welding equipment, or could i take it to a smith and have them do it??
  9. pictures

    here's my MAS the picture turnout pretty good.
    i think i got a good deal on my rifle.

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  10. another pic.


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  11. You might want to send the entire bolt/carrier assembly to George Stringer. He's the guy that clued me in on this deficiency of the Century conversions. Drop him a note at [email protected] and see what he says. He is very good with the MAS and has very reasonable rates.
  12. gas regulator

    Where is the gas regulator located, and how do i go about adjusting it, i heard that adjusting the reg. to a lower presssure will help with the extraction failure a little, is there any merit to this?
  13. Heh, heh. There is no gas reg on a 49/56. There is a cutoff valve, which is also the grenade sight hinge. Sight up = gas cutoff. Sight down = gas operational. I have two designs for a regulator. One involves cutting the gas tube for an inline installation. The other involves replacing the grenade sight hinge/gas cutoff.
  14. FAL, can you send me the plans via e-mail??
    if not e-mail me anyway and we can work out how i can get your plans.
    my email is: [email protected]
  15. Well, the one that entails cutting the gas tube, is similar to the AR setup from Fulton Armory.

    The hinge pin style, I am in the process of patenting (and boy, does that take a long time!) so I don't think I will release it until that process is finished.
  16. thanks

    Thanks FAL, i'll definatly try the AR15 type, What are the parts i need to get for this, and were might i be able to get them?thanks.
    But hey when ever you get finished with the other type send 'er on over to me i'd be whilling to pay for the plans.
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