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  1. I was looking in the classifieds the other day and i found an add for a Russian 24/47 8mm. Now i don't know to much about the 24/47, but every time I google the 24/47 it sends me to a Yugo Mauser. My question to you guys is"Does a Russian 24/47 8mm actually exist"? and " how much should I pay for it"
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    The gun they are refering to is the Yugo 24/47 never heard of a Russian one myself. Although i have herad of russian captured 98k's I'm not sure about 24/47.

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    No Russan 24/47. Yugo.
  4. It's a Russian capture, Yugo 24/47.

    A. What kind of condition is it in, and is it numbers matching?
    B. What kind of price are they asking for it?
  5. I'd say about 120 to 150 would be a decent price for one in good condition. I second that it's a Yugo that may have been captured by the Russians.
  6. The 24/47 is in excellent condition all the numbers match and hes asking for $175.

  7. That's less than a really excellent 24/47 sells for on GB. then you have shipping and transfer (if you don't have C$R or ffl). If it is truly excellent and all matching including the stock that's a decent price.
  8. (I'm going to back up a bit on my previous post. The Mod. number and dates involved have caused me to, second guess if you will, that reply.)

    Since my library isn't quite what I would like it to be, I have done a bit of on-line research.
    The one defining factor I found nearly everywhere is the X. Russian capture rifles 'should' have an X stamped on the left side of the receiver ring. Some simply said 'left side' others stated 'left side of the receiver ring'. In conjunction with that, the RC's are known to not be numbers matching. The Russian arsenals had no concern for keeping them numbers correct. They would strip them placing parts into bins/baskets, refinish them and then reassemble from the parts bin.

    I found nothing pertaining to the 24/47 RC, which has me wondering just a bit. RC's were either captured, or otherwise obtained, from wartime on up to the late 40's. Now, the 24/47 is nothing more than a Mod.24 which was rearsenaled by the Yugoslavian arsenal in 1947, hence the 24/47. Granted, '47 is in the late forties, but I haven't found anything pertaining to a 24/47RC. Maybe it came from somewhere like Afghanistan?

    Given the condition you described, I would definitely jump on this one. The prices on Mausers are continuing to increase, and the 24/47 has finally found it's foothold.
    Afterwards, were I in your shoes, I'd query the seller to find out if he is of Russian decent. It's possible that this is a Russian version of a 'bring back' rifle which found it's way to the States. If there were some way to document that, it would increase the value. Provenance if you will.
  9. I can't see it being a Russian bring back really because last I knew during the Commie era the Russian people weren't allowed to own rifles, only smoothbores. Now I guess it may have smuggled it's way through those times, but I dunno.
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    That's good if it's your out-the-door price. Samco has them from $129-$159 depending on condition and whether the bolt handle is bent. Then you'd have shipping and whatever your dealer wants for the transfer. If you don't have a C&R, let me tell you, it's worth the $30.00 to the ATF and the $12.00 I had to pay the State Police for my fingerprint card. The Sheriff's background check was free and the deputy who did it is a collector so everything was cool.
  11. Good heavens, twtalbot, where do you live that you have to get fingerprinted and have the local sheriff do a check on you in order to get a C&R license? Not even here in California are there that many steps!
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    That's a Federal license-a C&R FFL. The nice thing is now, I can order direct from distributors and have the guns shipped to me at home without having to pay a dealer for the transfer. After buying two guns this way, I've saved enough to get back the money I spent on the license.
  13. Yes, it is a Federal license, I've had one for 7 years. I am unaware of any fingerprint requirement and only aware that on application and on application for renewal that a copy of the application be sent to the Chief Law Enforcement Officer where you live. In my case it is the Chief of the local municipal police. I fill that requirement by sending a letter noting that this requirement exists, that I am not applying for a business (01) license and that no action is required on his part and include a copy of the application. So I'm a little confused about your reference to a "background check", perhaps we are using different words to describe the same thing? It can be done in person.