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  1. Howdy,

    I was at the gun shop today.

    I set my eyes upon a Winchester Model 94, used. I am looking to pick one up as a show piece type thing. Nothing fancy but one I want to customise a bit with a hoop lever like John Wayne had in a few movies.

    Anyway, it is an older rifle but in good shape. It has a trigger activated safety, or a two stage trigger of some sort. It does not have a safety as we know it.

    This is why I do not want to use it as a hunting rifle, but it would be fine to customise and take to the range every once in a while.

    My question is two parts.

    First, when did Winchester stop making this version with the goofy or no safety?

    Second, does $280 sound too far off the wall? I know this shop tends to be a little high on pricing, but it didn't seem too bad to me.

  2. $280 doesn't sound bad at all.

    The double hammer, at least the one I had growing up, was the hammer could be all the way down when the gun was empty but if you had one chambered you could pull it back to half cock and that would prevent external hammer pressure causing a misfire.

    Not sure when they quit making them.

    The older Winchesters were one fine, fine gun.

    I took many deer with mine even with buck horn sights.

    I had a buddy who had mounted a side mount scope on his but I could never get used to looking off center after bringing the gun to shoulder.

    If ya get it, keep us informed...fer sure.
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    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    I have the new version of the 94 with the push button safety in .44 mag. Paid $320.00 brand new, so your price seems reasonable in good shape.
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    Is there some reason you want to change the lever on the used 94 when the large lever guns are still available and probably cost little more than that used one? Cowboy Action Shooters use them regularly although I think they slow down the action but they look cool and would fit a heavily gloved hand if you needed to shoot it in winter. I, myself, use a 94 Centennial Commemorative saddle ring carbine and it has been great! Make sure the gun you get has a steel catridge lift lever and not plastic. The plastic one is a nightmare.
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    Considering I was recently quoted 425.00 for a used mdl 94 due to the fact the shop said it was pre-64. I thought pre-64 only applied to model 70 bolt action when Win changed the mechanics. There's another post here that I started you may want to read the replys about pre-64 mdl 94's, it was titled pre-64 question. If its a pre-64 and not beat up I'd buy it. Also if you have the serial # you can go to and look under mdl 94 - enter the serial # and it will give you the year it was made.
  6. Thanks for all the info. The reason I wanted to change the lever was to make a mantlepiece gun like John Wayne Used in a few movies. You are correct though, there are some hoop lever guns around.

    And if this gun is worth what I think it may be worth, I won't alter it.

    Thanks.:nod: :nod: :nod: