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Help on buying first SKS

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I am looking to buy my first SKS, and have been reading about them, but can't make head nor tale of what is what. A friend of mine bought 5 unissued SKS (Don't know the type yet) before the ban went into effect. He is now selling me one. We don't know much about them so I thought I would ask. Any thoughts and comments on what to look for are greatly appreciated.

I am paying him $175 for one.

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Ban? Regarding SKS's? If they are "unissued", there shouldn't be any problems as all the SKS variants are pretty well made. The problems occur with those that are worn or corroded. If you use good commercial ammo, you'll be surprised how good they can be accuracy-wise. For cheap shooting fun, the Wolf and mil-surp ammo is okay. Most SKS's have chrome bores (the Yugos do not), but always clean them after shooting. The milsurp ammo should be considered "corrosive", despite what the package or ad says. Good luck and good shooting with your new rifle.
that is one heck of a good price for an unused SKS, snap it up then learn about it!!!:)
Go for it-- you can always sell it later on.
If it's unissued it's definitely a good buy. If it's Romanian, there's really no ban against them, the supply just dried up. Same with Russians. You could be saving anywhere from 75 to several hundred dollars, Yugo being cheapest, Russian being the most valuable. If it's an unissued military model, shooting it would drop the value drastically. If it's an unfired Norinco, congrats and happy shooting.

When you get it, let us know what kind it is and how well it treats you.
Good price. I'd get it. Let us know what kind it is.
Are you in Peoples Republik of Kalifornia, k8cca?
No, am located here in Michigan.

My buddy is on Vacation all week, so hope to get with him next week sometime on the rifle. Thanks for the info so far. I think he bought them back in the early 90's before the assault rifle bans and what not.

Thanks for the info and I'll keep you all informed!

BTW do I want to buy ammo on the stripper clips or not? Never even fired one of these before, but if it's a gun, I pretty much like it!

BTW is $90 a good price for Yugoslavian 7.62x39, brass case, 1120rd case on clips?

I've never used Yugo ammo, but that is an extremely good price, especially with the clips. Unless it's corrosive or inconsistently fires, I'd say definitely get a bunch. And yes, you do need to use stripper clips with the standard SKS
Thanks for the info Guys! This SKS is a Chinese version. Picking it up tonight unless someone here says that $175 is to much. He say they were unissued. All covered in grease. Comes with Bay-O-Net and Gernade launcher.

Now do I understand right that the gun requires the stripper clips in order to shoot or can it be loaded manually?

Now since this is "new" it should have a cleaning kit inside the stock, right?

Since this is unissued, am I killing my future resale by shooting it? I don't have any guns that I don't shoot.

i do not recall any chinese sks with a grenade launcher, only the yugo's. IMHO shooting won't hurt the value, as long as you maintain it. and the magazine can be filled without the strippers, the ammo you quoted as being on strippers is just an added bennie, since most do not come on the clips. can't wait to see your report after getting it.:)
If it's a Yugo, it won't have the cleaning kit in the buttstock. A fully equipped Yugo will have the proper Yugo sling (same as the Yugo M48/M48A Mauser) with a small pouch attached containing the cleaning kit, but many don't have the correct sling.
The Chinese should have the cleaning kit, but these aren't easy to use anyway. A good standard cleaning kit for .30 caliber rifles is better. The SKS cleaning rod really isn't long enough. Keep the pin punch and gas port cleaning tool, as they are useful at times. Also, invest in a good AK/SKS sight adjustment tool - see Tapco in the Sponsors link. This tool is invaluable to sight it in properly.
Thats gotta be a Yugo, with the grenade launcher.
Hello Guys!

Well I got the SKS last night! It is an unissued Chinese type 56. The paper that came with it said something about Norinco. It's in really nice shape and covered in grease. What's the best way to clean it up. An BTW no Gernade launcher. The guy that sold it to me could not remember what was on it, so of course you guys where right. It also says something about being sporterized? Anybody know what that means. I hope to head out to the range this week sometime. And BTW there is a note on the box saying it could go full auto "so be careful"? Can that really happen?

Thanks for the info so far, it looks like it will be fun to shoot!
congrats on the purchase.i would suggest that you get a good manual on the SKS, and/or get together with some one thats familiar with them. then take it down. i use gasoline and stiff brushes, but this is a bad way to do it if your not careful and OUTSIDE!!!!!!
That disclaimer about "going full auto" would worry me, as an unissued/new rifle shouldn't be worn to that extent. When this happens, it's usually due to worn parts in the fire control group. Load only two or three rounds for the first couple magazine fulls, and keep a good hold on it.
I would also wonder what was meant by "sporterized". There is a "Sporter" version of the Chinese (Norinco) SKS, that I believe uses the detachable AK magazine. I think BattleRifleG3 would know of this, and could verify it.
Many solvents will clean off the cosmoline. I'd prefer Kerosine as it's not as easy to light off as gasoline. Mineral spirits may be even better, as it wouldn't affect the stock as much.
Check out
or this for the types:
This site has everything you need to know on the SKS.
i wonder if the note was reffering to slam-fire???this can happen when the firing pin gets stuck in the fired position hitting the primer as it "slams" home??? one word of warning, if you strip down the bolt, pay close attention to which end goes in. the firing pin can be inserted backwards, making it a b**** to get out!!!
You're right, Papa G. I forgot about that pesky firing pin - upside down = slam fire. Not a good thing!
Anyone recomend a nice synthetic stock for it?
Checkout this site, he's got some neat items:
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