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  1. I keep seeing this rail and I don't know what brand and model it is. Looks lot like troy alpha but the alpha has round holes.

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    That's a Nuclear powered AR-47, it has one of those little thingies that go up, a Three hundred round per microsecond magazine clip and a collapsible stock that can bash in doors, bank vault walls, and the clear aluminum tank Scotty developed to transport Feinstein and Pelosi to the future. That's the picture you have shown, the rail on it, I have no idea.

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    I had one similar but it was solid, until I threw it on the mill and put slots in it. Could be a custom one.
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  5. That makes sense since it looks just like alpha except for holes.

    I knew tacav would know. Good piece of kit? I like that a lot...kinda wants.
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  6.'re wrong...

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    lol thanks for the vote of confidence TB ;)

    I had the standard Alpha Rail on one of my ARs I sold a while back. It was fine and I never had any problems with the handguard. The only difference with the VTAC rails is really just the shape of the cut outs.

    It's a bit old/out dated now as there are easier mounting solutions for attaching the rails (like Keymod) and there are lighter rails out there and also better mounting solutions for the actual installation of the rail but that is getting really nit-picky.

    The most annoying part of it is dealing with the backer plates of the rail. However the handguard is pretty easy to take on and off. You just have to loosen the two screws at the top near the upper receiver.

    The Alpha Rails were some of the first rails that came out where people started to move away from the full quad rails and move towards the slicker/lighter tubes were you could just add on rail sections were you needed/wanted them.

    But besides that it's still a good rail. And it's free floating too. I think it would do you fine TB lol. It is also a bit cheaper than some of the newer fancy schmancy rails out there. The VTAC/Alpha is about like buying a "new" 2011-2012 car. It's not the latest and greatest like Keymod or M-Lok, but it's still a perfectly fine option.
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    That is a really nice looking build. I can't wait to get a keymod so I'll finally have irons as an option on my Bushmaster ORC :D
  9. Not sure how I feel about it with a2 sight and in 9'' length 5hLWXGW.jpg
  10. I won't be bothered by if its difficult to add to...all it'll have up front is a sight and a light. Both of which can use the top rail.

    I'm just thinking about the freefloat part...and I don't like looks of a lot of rails/tubes and I Do like this one.
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    Do a TB classic lol

    Shave down the front A2 sight tower and refinish it so it won't rust and make yourself your own modified low profile gas block and then get the longer 13" VTAC rail to go over it for your big Ogre arms. ;)
  12. I kinda want a middy with a2 sight.

    Lol I wish any rail looked good with fsb....about only thing that looks good is moe guards.

    I rather like the barrel showing on ARs....I already have one with no barrel. Aesthetically I like 20" rifles and middy carbines with fsb...has perfect amount of capable. :)

    I think the one in original pic is 13".....if I ditch the fsb I think id go with 11" spectre length rail
  13. I really like this upper (its so much easier to google image search now I know rail's name thanks)

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    Always liked the way that rail looked.
  15. Rails? Rails? We don't need no stinkin' rails! Haha!

    Mine is less than 5 1/2 pounds empty. Carry it all day, and no batteries to die, or scope to tweak when you drop it.

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    if you buy quality stuff (and not saying your rifle is not- I like those KISS builds too) you don't really need to worry about things like that. Or at least it is greatly minimized. :D

    For example,
    My 13.5" KMR free float handguard weighs the same as your plastic hand guards.

    And standard Aimpoint models have constant on (you never turn them off) battery life spans that range from 5-7 years on a single battery.

    I still have one Aimpoint T-1 that is still going strong on the same battery I installed back in 2011 and I have never turned it off ever... I will probably stick a new one in there just to be safe now that it's 2015 and I should be good for another several years lol.

    Also (not including things like a traditional sniper/hunting scope) if you drop your rifle and it messes the zero or damages the optic, you need to get a better mount/optic, because they have both now that can withstand being dropped in a lake, or being dumped out of a helicopter and still maintain zero let alone handle being dropped from standing height onto the deck. ;)

    I have a couple carbines that have been banged off of the ground or off of cars, or barricades, etc from lots of positional shooting and I have never had zero issues either. ill do a zero reconfirm every so often just to check but never had an issue with a sudden or even gradual zero shift from a drop or other rough handling from training/shooting or general/daily handling.

    And even if something does go bad with the optic (mr murphy visits) you still have backup iron sights.
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