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  1. I tried sighting in my scope a few days ago and the bullet is hitting about 6in high at 25yrds the scope is at the max adjustment hight what should i do to make it work
  2. oh and im using 203 grain silver bear

  3. jmp8927

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    Move the reticule DOWN. If it's hitting high, you need to move impact lower. Also, I suggest as soon as you get it within an inch of bullseye, go ahead and change to shooting at the distance you want it sighted. Usually that's 100 yards. Point of impact will change from 25 yards to 100.
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    Post some pics or describe the mount so we can see what you're working with...
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    What kind of mount are you using. Is it a scout mount or sniper or something else?
  6. Try shooting at a farther distance. :shock:
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    Do you mean that you are out of adjustment to make the bullet hit lower?
    If so; you will have to put a shim under the scope on the front ring. (The shim is under the scope). I would guess a thickness of 2-3 pieces of target type paper. If you are 6 " high at 25 yds, you would be 2 feet high at 100 yds.
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    DO NOT MOVE DOWN! If he is Using A Scope And it is hitting High You Move The Recticle To POI And You Are Therefore Adjusting POA....The Above Mentioned only Apply's To Iron Sights...
  9. Your scope mount was installed incorrectly. M14man in a post above offered you a right idea, but this is assuming that your scope mount consists of separately mounted front and rear rings bases, which is likely not a case with MN. Go back to whoever mounted your scope, and tell them to fix it.
  10. its a advanced rifle parts scope and yes i have it cranked down as much as i can i think i just need taller mount rings
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    Major brain fart on my part...
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    Take the bolt out of the gun . Find a fixed target at 50 yards look down the barrel and find the object you are sighting on . Now pick your head up and look thru the scope , adjust the scope till the sight picture in the scope matches the barrel picture . This will save you lots of money on ammo and much frustration .
    Also peices of a aluminum can works great as a shim if you end up needing them .
  14. thanks a lot guys i'll give it another shot before long
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    Another shot? Is that like a joke?:eek:mfg:
  16. dude i'm gonna kick the paper's @$$
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    Boresighting is always a good way to start out.