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    i have a chance to buy a 1 or more enfeilds from a friend who is low on cash and says he has lost intrest in the hobby..... anyways im thinkin i want the smle its a 1945, and in good shape i think its a lithgow. the markings on the stock are prity clear and there is only a few ding on it. comes with sling and bayo, and i THINK the bayo sheath. its all matching and is chambered in 303 any way was thinkin of offering him $200 is this a fair price for both parties? also one of the marking on the stock is (HV) whats that stand for? any please be honest about the price if i need to go up or down. will try to post pics when i can.
  2. Bore

    Lots of people do not want to know this and I have been
    really "hit" for writing it yet you should know something important.

    I WW2 England put quantity ahead of quality control. Bore
    diameters were accepted up to .311.

    So, just be aware of this fact and understand a wise course of
    action would be to have a gunsmith run a "plug" through the bore then
    use a micrometer to give you accurate bore measurements.
    A proper bullet diameter will immensely add to your enjoyment
    of the gun.

  3. squirrelblaster

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    thanks nathan im new to enfields so stuff like that is what i need, but most of all im wander about price.....
  4. As interested as you seem to be . . .

    . . . I think the price is worth it for this historical firearm design.

    It is an important part of firearms history. At one point it was
    a very cutting edge piece of technology.

    I would pay the price as I am interested in history. I am a
    very big study of WW1.
  5. You didnt say what model it is. You didnt say how the chamber/bore lookes. But $200 is a good price if it is in good shape.
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    ^+1!. Bore is the issue, for a shooter.
  7. Enfield trader

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    due to the 1945 date. Maker markigns are on the butt socket ring under the bolt handle.

    If it is, it is most likely one of the put together ones done by the importer out of spare parts.

    Is the import making JJ CO NY NY ? If you find a 4-digit serial number with no prefix letter and an “A” suffix, this is clear evidence that it is not a Lithgow factory rifle.

    What other rifles is he selling?
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    Let's clarify this. The Enfield shoots a .311 bullet. Always has, always will. The GROOVE diameter is .311. New Barrels gaged at between .301 and .304 BORE diameter. Used barrels suitable for arsenal rebuilds were up to .310 BORE. A .303 gage should pass down the bore, a .307 should not. Barrels were NEVER accepted at up to .311, as this would be a SMOOTHBORE! Muzzle erosion was gaged by a .308 gage entering less than .24 inches, and throat erosion was gaged by a .310 gage entering the throat less than .25 inches. (Doesn't seem like a lack of "quality" specifications, does it?)

    If you are going to shoot cast bullets, slug the barrel as it might be .310, .311, .312. If you want to shoot jacketed bullets, just use the .311 standard and you're fine.

    Not all Enfields are good shooters. Check the bore! I've got a minty No4 Mk2 that is beautiful on the outside but the bore is pitted and the chamber mouth is bell eroded. It won't shoot better than 4" groups at 50 yards, even with my best 174 FMJ-BT Mk7 replica loads. It's going to get traded in.
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    I think $200 is a pretty fair price for both parties. Now not a 100% sure but the HV marking may mean High Velocity and could fire the MKVII ammo. I think that was put on the rifle to make the necessary sight adjustment for the ammunition.
  10. cold queso

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    The HV marking on the stock would be an unusual variance. Wily1 is correct that HV is the MK 7 specification, but I always thought it was on the barrel, near the front sight?
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    ill have to check it again for the import marks. i know he bought it in the late 60's. and the other rifles hes selling are a jungle carbine, and a number 4 mk2.
  12. wily1

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    You are right about the placement of the HV cold q. But there were so many factories turning out Enfields and used by so many countries its hard to figure out the markings etc at times.
  13. Enfield trader

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    Lithgow did mark the HV on the butt

    and right behind the rear sight