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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by M1rifleman, Apr 4, 2002.

  1. M1rifleman

    M1rifleman G&G Newbie

    i have always wondered what silhouette shooting is so could you explain in detail and based on reading posts on this sight would a remington 700 Varmint Synthetic in .223 with a Tasco World Class Plus 8-32x50 be a good choice for silhouette.

  2. RMXMAN34

    RMXMAN34 G&G Newbie

    Might not be enough gun

    The setup you have would be fine........ if...... it were a little bit bigger cartrige. I don't have alot of experience on the subject, mainly rimfire. But the goal is to take a rifle and to shoot it offhand standing, at targets a heck of a long way away. From what I hear, a 243 winchester won't always knock a ram over at 500 meters even with a good hit. let alone a low shot. Some people have used it with success, but a 223 is not quite as potent and there is nothing more sickening than hearing the classic "clang" and the target not falling over. On the bright side, you could always have the gun rebarreled, or it could give you a good excuse to buy a new rifle. Don't take my word for it, if you get a chance, try it. I don't know what one of the Rams weighs, but at 500 meters (the farthest target) it can be a little tricky to make a good hit, with the heaveir bullets, you stand a better chance of knocking it over. Anyway, thats my 2 cents. But please don't "not try it" just because you shoot a 223, you never know how things will turn out, and likely once you done it once. it will be in your blood for good. And the rest is history.
  3. Topstrap

    Topstrap G&G Newbie

    The Ram weighs 55 lbs. A 223 will usually do way too much target damage on the closer targets to be allowed. I don't shoot Rifle silhouette but have shot IHMSA silhouette since the early 80's and a good 6.5, 7mm or 30 caliber is usually needed for the Rams in our unlimited pistols so I'm guessing that is also the ones that would be used in rifle silhouette, you need a bullet that will hold together long enough to push the targets over without blowing up on them or cratering the steel.

    I shot my 338 CJMK unlimited pistol on a rifle silhouette range one time way back and shot a 32 finding the sight settings as I went, the 338 was plenty enough to drop all rams hit. Back in the early days the targets were usually soft steel and were set full footed so they were hard to knock over but now they've changed that so nearly anything will knock them over and the targets are usually T-1 steel but I still doubt you'll be allowed to use a 223.

    Have fun, good luck....