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Discussion in 'CZ' started by big22, Mar 4, 2014.

  1. big22

    big22 G&G Newbie

    I was looking at the CZ 455 Training Rifle I live in Canada I want to know good bad and avalabilaty I wil NOT be putting a scope on it. it will be for target and hunting this is the only cz I am intrusted in the other gun I like is the savage mark 2 22 fss and g
  2. Habakkuk21

    Habakkuk21 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    How old do you have to be in Canada to buy/own a rifle?

  3. big22

    big22 G&G Newbie

    you have to be18 but you can get a aprentes licens at 12 to hunt with a lisend 18 or older it is cind of one of meany werd laws in Canada like you cant have a pistol with out a speshal lisons and you stile cant have a 25 or 32 caaber
  4. oldjarhead

    oldjarhead G&G Evangelist

    Question is: How old is the OP?
  5. Junction15

    Junction15 G&G Evangelist

    I don't want to be discouraging to you but if you would put a bit more effort into your spelling, we could understand your postings much better.
  6. Palladin8

    Palladin8 G&G Evangelist

    Out of the two rifles listed it wouldn't take me a millisecond to decide.

    I would take a CZ 455 over a savage any day of the week and twice on sunday. I own CZ and their fit and finish is top notch. My rifle is very accurate and reliable.

    Savages that I have held and looked at from friends or stores have cheap plastic stocks and the fit is questionable on many of the rifles I have looked at. Many times the barrels are touching the sides of the barrel channels and need to be tweaked to free float them. I have seen this on several models that I have looked at and was put off by it. Their wood stocks are much better when it comes to fitment.
    Savage makes an accurate rifle I will not knock their accuracy.
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  7. Para Cassatt

    Para Cassatt G&G Enthusiast Forum Contributor

    I too would like to have a CZ trainer. I really enjoy the 455 Varmint model that I have. Welcome aboard Big22.
  8. variolamajor

    variolamajor G&G Evangelist

    I would throw out the caveat on Savages to the .22lr rifles. Yes - they have cheap stocks but that is why they are "cheap". The CZ rifles are in a different class IMHO. With that being said - I have a CZ 452 military trainer in .17 HMR. It is a rock-solid accurate rifle. While mine is scoped - the iron sights are leagues ahead of your basic cheapo iron sights you normally find on rimfire rifles. The only heartburn with the CZ rifles is they come with a 5rd box magazine and replacements are expensive. Luckily I found some 10rd ones on clearance at Midways a while back for only $15 each and I snapped a few up. For hunting and target shooting I think you'll find the CZ fits your bill quite nicely. o_O