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Discussion in 'Rimfire Rifles' started by Mirra, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. Mirra

    Mirra G&G Regular

    A friend of mines has this 22 cal rifle an we are trying to get some info on it. On the top of the receiver is this what on it. "WINNER" S&G , J Alvin Badeaux 1400. If you think you can help I would be glad to text are email pictures.
    Thanks Mirra
  2. draftingmonkey

    draftingmonkey G&G Evangelist

    You would be better off if you included pictures in your post. More chances to get replies/interest if pics are included in the post. We're like children because we like to look at pictures while we read.

    Many firearms were manufactured and marked differently for various retailers. Overall pics, closeups of the receiver and all markings would be good and would help in identifying your friends rifle.

  3. Mirra

    Mirra G&G Regular

    Thanks for the in put, just got some good pictures today an plan on do it soon.
  4. mauser9

    mauser9 G&G Evangelist

    Not for lack of trying Mirra. Did check my book but could not locate model on info provided. Like stated above might have been marked for different retailers.
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    SUBMOA G&G Evangelist

    I also searched the information provided on Internet but no results similar found. Pictures may indeed help.
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