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    I am stumbling in uncharted waters here. I think I have posted that I have a friend who is a retired corpsman. Tonight he started to break down a bit with tears about things that are eating at him. I am asking for help and guidance to lead me in the right words and ways to help him find his way back out of the dark places that I can see him slip into at times. He spent time in the sandbox with Marine units and I know he lost folks in combat. He told me that he considers my wife and I as sort of a second mom and dad that he can talk to. Help me keep my feet on the right path and keep him safe.
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    You are in my prayers. Sometimes just being there and listening is enough.

  3. rando

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    I am sure he needs someone like you to talk to this about. Its not good holding this stuff in but at the same time I am sure it is difficult for your friend to talk about it. I am glad you and your wife are there for him and wish you all the best in helping him.
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    Lift it up to our Lord, he will guide you.
    It is good that he feels that he can confide in you guys. Sometimes the best advise is to just be a good listener. I will add the tree of you to my prayers.
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    blue fox: Sir; know God; is with you and “Mrs.’blue fox”
    Your strength-guidance-understanding-patience fits the need.
    Fear not having answers.
    Ears don’t talk
    The hurt is real

    learn all he shares.
    Share; “your brothers and sisters” are praying
    Holding each on high; sharing the love for one another
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    That is a serious good suggestion. It may take time for your friend to get it out. People ask for help. It takes a time to get to the heart of what they are asking. After a life time of holding stuff it's had to do a 180 on that. It's not unknown for a person to share not wanting to be fixed but somebody to listen.
  7. Being there to listen is the best thing you can do. It's going to be hard on both of you as he works through this but with you and your wife's support he can get through it.
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    Being there, listening and standing firm giving him optimism about dealing with the issues he faces seems to be what he needs most , especially projecting you both as his second family he seems to be seeking inspiration and strength in coping from you both. Sounds to me like he has given you both his deepest respect and trust to help him through this. I believe optimism, affection, and a shoulder of loving friends to be there for him will be the best therapy and gift he could be given by you two. God bless you both in your attempt to help him!
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    This^^ Let him know that Jesus loves him. Lift him up. I've dealt with many soldiers going through the same thing.
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    There's some good advice here to just listen and be there for him. I would advise he get in touch with the VA or a wounded warrior program and see about PTSD counselling and talk to others that have experienced what he's going through.
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    First thing they told us at the academy as new First Sergeants.

    You don’t need to be smart to do this job, you need to know the people who are.

    Always good to be support. Would never discourage that. However, there are people who are trained to work with specific scenarios. It may be helpful to encourage a person to seek religious or qualified professional help, but if there is not a diploma on the wall, it’s dicey from there.

    Worse case, a person tries, fails, then has to deal with the guilt alone.

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    Blue Fox, let me pray with you right now.

    Father, I pray that you would fill Blue with your Holy Spirit and give him wisdom to deal with this dear veteran that is suffering. I pray for the suffering soul that you would touch his mind and emotions and help him to heal and find peace. Just keep providing Blue Fox and his wife as a shoulder to lean on and if he is not yet a follower of Jesus Christ, I pray that he would receive Christ as his Savior and have that peace which passes all understanding. I ask this in the powerful name of Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen
  13. blue fox

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    Thanks gang for the help. I know that I have been put in his life by God (even though I am not a big church goer but my friend is . He does not miss mass) for some reason that I am coming to think is meant to help both of us. I met this man just after I lost a son to suicide several years ago. Maybe that has been meant to be my mission now.
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    Prayers sent for the strength to get you all through this.
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    Oh man, prayers for your friend.
    Prayers for you all with the mission in front of you also.
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    In Crisis: There is a person who is going to school to be a Christian Counselor. He asked me about the need to use diagnostic tools from the secular world. The purpose of an assessment is to name the problem. It may take time to for the story unfold. Is it PTSD, major depression or substance use disorder or a mixture? The really good helpers on this level that I have seen have insisted on a physical exam early on. Point being is there are many things in this world that can cause somebody to throw a shoe. Right, on being spiritually grounded. How much is a person willing to do for himself is a key question. Time may be to hook friend up with a professional. Your help is valuable and may make all the difference in the world.
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    Lord in your mercy. . .
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    Blue, you are doing just right. Your friend needs to talk and needs to see what "normal" is. A touchstone if you will. He is overwhelmed and desperate and wants to sort out whats wrong and how to feel right.
    Being there and available for him is the best thing you can do. In doing do, you are taking on some of what he is feeling - loneliness and uncertainty. Unsure where to turn next.
    He is treading water in a dark and cold ocean, but you are providing a light to swim to and calling out his encouragement to help him find safety. God bless you for that. It's one of the greatest kindnesses you can provide. No matter how it turns out, you ARE making a positive difference for him.
    May our Heavenly Father give you the guidance to share with your friend. And may He calm your heart and reassure you.
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  19. Mowgli T.

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    That is being spirituality grounded.
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