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    I'm sorry to ask a guestion at this time about a non Garand related subject but I don't know where to go. I have come across a pre 64, 30 goverment 06 would this be a military bolt action sniper rifle, I haven't see it but an older woman down the street is selling one, all she's told me thats what it says on the gun , i'm guessing its a pre 64 they have had it in the family since the 50'sand i'm also guessing its a [Win] any info on what it is will be greatly welcomed or where I could go to find out what it is. Thank You Next posts will be M1 related love the military.:)
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    You may be talking about the Winchester 1910 automatic. You need to post a bit more info or search the web under Winchester and see if you find a photo then research it. Allot of time a woman tells you what she thinks and it is very misleading hehehehehe.
    I had a older woman want a Winchester carbine out of her attic. I worked for her when ever she needed something. Finally she asked me again and I said lets go up and look at it. I was thinking a 30-30 model 94 lever action carbine. It turned out to be a almost all original 1943 Underwood Carbine her husband had who was in the serivce. The stock was a Natinal postal Meter. The rest is history and that day started this craze and stock refinishing I now do. We need more info to help. Rick B

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    That 30 GOV'T was a common way to mark the caliber. My bet is that it isn't a military rifle. Could be a nice early Model 70. Nothing wrong with that. Go take a look and let us know what you find. Good Luck.