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Good day people

I have a couple of Helwan locking blocks for sale, completely reverse engineered and modernized up to the standards of a modern 92FS block.

Material grade has been determined by examining a 92FS block with an emission spectrograpf.

The blocks are properly hardened.

Radius cuts have been added, and the design is perfectly parallel to ensure longer service life.

The blocks will fit in :

Helwan Cadet
Helwan A.R.E
Helwan Commercial
Helwan U.A.E
Helwan Super

If you have a Tariq, Baretta 1951 or Helwan Danshway than you will need a different block, send me a message in this case.

Price is 60 USD per block + 27 USD shipping and if you order two it's FREE SHIPPING.

Paypal payments will include +3%

Shipping will be done from my home country in The Netherlands, Discrete packing and shipping by DHL with Track & Trace included.

Contact : [email protected]

Wess Visser
V.R Metal-works
The Netherlands


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Welcome to G&G! Please introduce youself in the Introduction section. I have a couple of questions about the parts you are selling. What grade steel is being used, for example 4140 or 4340. Are the parts cast, forged or machined from bar stock? Thank you.

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Good day, K75RT

I'm Wess from The Netherlands and I'm pretty sure I'm the only gun entrepreneur from my Country.

And you are correct, the steel grade is equivalent to 4140 but the specifics I would like to keep house.

All parts have been hardened in such a way that the material is hard enough to wildstand tremendous abuse but is still flexible enough to prevent cracking.

The modern 92 FS locking blocks are forged and slightly milled, I found out about this when we dissected one and obtained the metallurgical structure with the help of an optical emission spectrograph.

The blocks that I have up for sale are made out of certified steel machined out of bar stock.
The drawing was obtained by scanning two original locking blocks of the second generation with the help of a ATOS scanning device.

The original locking blocks are uneven mostly on all sides even if you can't always tell with the eye. This result in uneven wear on the protruding wings and eventually cracking.

Think of it as a car with one soft tire and one full..

I've seen to it that all sides of my locking block are even to prevent uneven wear, and as a bonus i've implemented the radius relieve cuts just below the wings.

As you know the originals cracked just below the wings because the forse caused by the slide reciprocating was concentrated on those point.

By adding the relive cuts the service life of these blocks will be greatly increased.

If you have anymore questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Friendly greetings

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