Helwan Range Report!

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  1. Well, it functioned great with 100 rounds of Winchest 115 Gr. FMJ target ammo. Didn't have any failures. As for accuracy, I was hittin all over till I found the sweet spot with the stiff trigger and the grips. Last 40+/- rounds were al in a two in group at 15 yards, unrested, free hand. Less failures than my CZ-52 had when I first got it, and easier to shoot than my Smith and Wesson Sigma Series .40 (Yes, the Glock knock off to you Block fans...oops, I meant Glock. lol) ever was! So, like Big Dog has said, I must agree that it seems (so far) worth it to work out the small isues. (Blueing and grips mainly) Just hope this one doesn't miss lead me to thinking it's ok then next you know cracked frame or something. lol
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    Thats decent shooting. Sound like a keeper!