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Discussion in 'Henry' started by mauser9, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. mauser9

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    Is the 357 mag. Henry rifle only to be fired with full metal jacket or round nose ammo. What is best ammo to use in this rifle
  2. My son has one

    It does extremely will with 158 grain semi-jacketed hollow points.
    This is also the cartridge used by the Texas Highway Patrol for many years in their Smith and Wesson revolvers.

    You should have no reservations as to either the Henry or to this particular load should you need self-defense or perhaps target work.

  3. mauser9

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    Friend had a bitch of a time trying to feed. Finally tried hornady tipped ammo and fed pretty well. Do these gun need breaking in due to tight tolerances concerning feeding?
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    mauser9: Sir, any issues or concerns; I'd call them. I cannot remember his name @ Henry, but I did meet him at the NRA thing here. He will talk to you, and the horses mouth is a best talk.
    Follow up with your experiences:)
    Quality piece you have
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    I have not had any problems with any of my five Henry rifles the owner Anthony said, it is best to try different loads until you find the one that groups the best, so I bought two or three different loads with each rifle and was able to find the best load for each of them. Once I found which load worked the best that load is the only one I use now.

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