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For any a poor soul reading this with the same issue, REJOICE!

I had bought a Henry 45/70 H010B used from a gentlemen within the Peoples Republic of Chinada. The Gun seemed in excellent condition and looked as if it had never been fired. She was a beauty, and I paid a pretty penny for her. It was still in the box, made in 2020, and had the test fire tag still on it. I assumed everything was on the up and up, until that fateful day when I bought some ammo for the boomstick. The stupid thing refused to chamber a round! The round kept jamming halfway into the chamber and would scratch and bend the shell is it would not seem to orient itself straight. I tried different brands of ammo, and no change. First thing I did was check the all forums, and exactly zero people had this problem! I scoured the entire internet, and nothing, zlich! I figured the extractor (see images) was at fault, and proceeded to use emery on it as I assumed there were some burs on it preventing a smooth loading of the cartridge. I then thought it was pushing too hard on the cartridge, so I tried applying pressure to it for a long period of time to force it to be less springy. (FYI, it didn't do squat). I tried everything, and eventually a year passed by.
"Why didn't you send it away for warrantee?" you might have asked along our lengthy sojourning pilgrimage. That's because it would have had to travel from nearly the west coast of Chinada, to the east, the equivalent distance of here to the Moon. I was told it would take 18 months, and that was standard for warentee issues, thus my strenuous endeavour to fix it myself was launched.
I took the gun to a smith, and he figured it was the extractor (as I had feared), and it was pushing too hard on the cartridge when loading. I finally called Henry after a year of forgetting I even had a gun, and they sent me a new extractor piece. It was confusing on the phone, and they acted like jerks. The one guy said i would have to send it away, and then transferred me without any warning, and then the next chick (parts) asked for my mailing address, and said she would send the part to me. I expected to pay, and in the end, she said it was covered under warrantee. I was both relieved, and dumbstruck at their stupidity and ignorance.

A month or so later, I received the package, installed it, and it was fixed! Huzzah!

Moral of the story: Look at it yourself, immediately take the thing to a smith, get the issue solved, don't take crap from the "customer service," and don't wait a bleepin' year to fix it!

I created an account purely for any poor soul out there with this issue, and I pray you find satisfaction with you beautiful firearms.
I bid you adieu!
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