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  1. I sent my Henry Gold Boy back to the manufacture because it was not ejecting spent casings out as it should. The casings were enlarged in the firing process and sticking in the chamber. Henry 'fixed' it and it ejects much better but now, even after firing of various brands of ammo, I still get one in about 30 that swells to the point the ejector will not bring it out. Can a good smith ream the chamber slightly to correct this or should I spend money, and time, to send it back to Henry? Thoughts?
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    You may try to polish the chamber. Is the chamber to big? How much do the spent shells expand. Does the chamber have a have a bur or a rough spot.

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    Before you cut any more material away from the inside of the chamber, have a gunsmith or machinist check to see it the chamber is alined to the barrel, or for any other imperfections in the chamber such as runout. -UR.
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    Sticky .22 cases

    Rimfire rifles should not be dryfired...This, in most cases, is what causes cases to stick in a clean chamber...When there is no case in the chamber the firing pin hits the chamber block just at the edge of the chamber and peensthe edge of the chamber mouth, and eventually cause a slight restriction, which will make normal extraction impossible. Ther is a swageing tool that can reform the chamber mouth to put the metal back where it belongs, but that should be done by a qualified smith...Good luck..
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    HEY DALE!!!

    did ja ever get the Henry straightened out???;)
  6. Yes, I did....or perhaps I should say it straightened itself out.

    I think that after I fired about a brick of ammo it seems to have worked the problem out. I'm thinking that the natural abrasion melded the two like a new engine and the cylinders and cylinder walls do when it breaks in.
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