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    :eek: What do y'all think of this Brooklyn based arms maker ? :cool: :fuss: :nod: :assult:
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    Henry Repeating Arms

    The original Henry pre-dated the Civil War, made its mark in that war and still looks like the original. I own 3, 2 of which are .22 and the other a .17HMR. These rifles are nice enough to mount & admire, with walnut stock & forearm. A plus: made in America.

    I doubt there is a smoother lever action repeater out of the box and they accurately shoot short, long & long rifle in semi-automatic mode. Can't beat that for flexibility. If you are in doubt, try the .22 model H001, their least expensive, for about $200. You will not be sorry.

    Their catalog is free from Henry Repeating Arms - Fine Rifles Made in America and Priced Right. Warning: You will want to own more than one!!!

  3. The lever-action Henry is great. I can't see how anyone can make such a smooth rifle for such a low price. I picked one up last spring and just love it.

    Of course, the Henry is not in the same "old-world craftsman" class as the Browning BL-22 or the Marlin 39, but it's still a great gun. I'd recommend it.

    Dang! I'm the victim of another ancient post! 2002?
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    What happened to logansdad? Banned?
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    If you read my threads last week you will see one I opened on the recent purchase of my first Henry .22 rifle, bought at Wal Mart for $219 plus tax.

    Haven't had an opportunity to fire it yet...but will as I get time. Going deer hunting tomorrow and Sunday...but I'm leaving it in my gun case in lieu of using my Rem 700 30-06.

    The Henry looks beautiful and seems to manipulate easily, too. I fired one a few months ago and liked how it looked, felt and operated, etc. So I knew I had to have one in my gun cabinet ASAP...and it's lonely now just setting there waiting to be fired.
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    Great company making a great little gun - 'Nuff said! :)