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    Feel free to move this post if it's in the wrong place.

    Several folks have posted about the judge, or circuit court judge, or raging judge, etc. And we have had many discussions.

    Here are some typical patterns at Home Defense ranges approaching the maximum "normal" HD -- around 12 yards. This was patterned with Buckshot--specifically Remington 5-pellet Magnum 000 alternated with Federal 5-pellet 000 Magnum. (3 remington, 2 Federal). The Winchester loadings I have found spread out a bit too far. YMMV.

    This was done with the Tactical circuit court judge, open (i.e. blank sleeve) no choke. The Remington tend to spread out; the Federal TEND to clump together for the 4-pellet, but the 5-pellet mag load spreads out more. You can see some hits together--these are the Federals--where on the 5 pellet a couple tend to hit together and the other spread out.

    MVs measured by others are in the 1100-1200 range from the CCJ and the 800-850 from the 3" chamber 3" bbl judge. Penetration of the latter is between 12 and 16+ inches in ballistic gel over denim (the "410 handgun" site has the gel tests and THEIR patterns).

    These patterns with buck are typical from either the CCJ or the handgun; both impart a spin to the buckshot so it looks like this. Although the center is a little more sparse than the sides there's really no "donut" per se.

    I'd feel pretty comfortable using this for HD. The spread seems pretty good and the gun points naturally. The CCJ allows an under gun light on the rail mount which the gun should have.

    The gun is zeroed for 45 colt rounds at 40 yards. The buck is SLIGHTLY high but not enough to matter.

    Recoil is not an issue and would be suitable for smaller ladies and children to operate just fine. It handles like a revolver.

    If I were using the CCJ, I'd go straight buckshot.

    If I were using the 3" Judge, I'd go 4 buck and one colt or 3 buck and 2 colt; your choice.

    For the 2.5 chamber judges I'd use the Federal 4-pellet loading and maybe one or two colts. Or all buck.

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  2. only reason I would want one, is to load .410 birdshot in it for a snake-killer. Might be fun to plink .45colt out of it.

    Rossi makes a singleshot pistol .410/45colt I kinda want, it also comes with a .2LR barrel. Be a fun plinker/critter killer.

    For personal defense I'd rather have a auto pistol, and for home defense, a 12G or rifle. That's why Ive never been interested in owning a Judge type gun, seems expensive for an occasional snakegun.

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    It's actually a fair bit of firepower for a pistol when loaded correctly; the PD version can be a snub 45 colt for those so inclined but the buckshot is pretty awesome.

    Where it really shines is for those who don't handle a 12 Ga pump as well as we do. There are many who have difficulty operating it under pressure, or positively moving the slide, handling recoil, etc. Women, older shooters, kids (the stock length is PERFECT for a youth gun), etc. The gun handles like a revolver and is as simple to operate. It's WAYYYY light and low recoil. The 12 gauge standard load is 9 00 buck; the CCJ gives 5 000 buck at similar speeds (yes, there are magnum loadings for the 12Ga or the buck and slug combo--but this isn't THAT far behind the standard loading).
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    My thoughts exactly, I still want one. I just can't justify the money for one. Would like to find a used one in good shape