Here it comes...the Antis are out and attacking.

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    Posted on Thu, Oct. 10, 2002


    FORGET HANNIBAL LECTER, the embodiment of evil in its purest form is roaming the Washington, D.C., area right now, killing and wounding adults and children with cold dispatch.

    We don't know his name, but we do know this: The mystery sniper who has all of Washington hiding under its covers has an identifiable partner in crime who should be held nearly as responsible for these reprehensible acts as the shooter - the National Rifle Association.

    Because of the NRA, police are having a harder time catching this crazy than they should.

    Other than a chilling tarot card depicting death and bearing this handwritten message "Dear Policeman: I am God," investigators have found only one other kind of clue to track this monster down: bullet fragments.

    Ballistics have long allowed police to link a bullet to a particular gun. So if they ever find this killer and his weapon, they can clearly connect rifle and crime.

    But what if you could reverse the process and link a gun to a particular bullet? The technology now exists for every gun's ballistic "fingerprint" to be kept on file. In this way, police could instantly know which specific gun was used in the commission of a crime and track down the owner.

    But who has opposed this sensible idea? The NRA. The organization has bullied Congress into refusing to set up a national registry of guns.

    A federal program is needed because a piecemeal effort won't be enough. Maryland, where many of these shootings have been committed, requires gun manufacturers to submit ballistic fingerprints of guns sold in the state. But that information is useless if the weapon was purchased in another state, or before the requirement went into effect.

    Experts believe the weapon being used is either an assault rifle or a hunting rifle. A hunting rifle, in particular, will be difficult to trace because the NRA has been very effective in keeping any information about hunting rifles away from law enforcement officials.

    We're all for privacy, but it's reckless to put privacy of gun ownership above human lives. If the government has a compelling reason to know what car you drive, what home you live in and how much you earn, shouldn't it also know what kind of gun you own?

    Nothing will bring back the six lives - or possibly a seventh victim gunned down last night - that have been lost, or spare the pain and terror a 13-year-old felt when he was cut down by a .223 caliber bullet. But maybe this horror in the nation's capital will finally force Congress to ignore the dangerous rhetoric of the NRA.
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    Yeah, the NRA has helped this idiot just as much as Ted Kennedy has helped MADD. This person obviously doesn't know that the NRA has NEVER condoned violence against another human being, unless it's self-defense. I know they wouldn't admit it if they DID know. Anything to make a fanfare for the liberal left.
    Why is it that the press is always involved in helping idiots like these pick their next target, and yet, no one from the press is ever shot or wounded? Maybe everyone in DC should wear a press badge. Seems to work better than a vest. It also appears to give you immunity from having the pants sued off of you for printing half-truths. Kind of like being a politician, no?

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    National Gun Registration is already underway with the NICS system. A mandatory registration of all firearms equals the equivalent of a "turn them in" scenario. It is coming... the .50 cal will be the first thing to go... even though no .50 cal. can be linked to terrorist activity nor any crime.

    Something I found interesting in the Sniper case... when the tarot card was found, a spent case was also found. It would be interesting to know if the case was found 10-15ft. to the side (semi-) or on top of the card (bolt). It seems that the location of the card was the suspected area that the shot was fired from. If this was not the case, then the brass case and the tarot card were planted together... which would lead me to believe that a bolt action was used... unless he had a brass catcher, ( which is unlikely in my opinion, given the time it takes to fish the case out of the bag). Also, I haven't heard anything about barrel twist, rate of burn, ect... for all we know, the case could be a plant and a .22-250 be the real round. Who knows...
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    This guy makes it sound like if they had the ballistic "fingerprint" that the N.R.A. is blocking this thing would be resolved now. But as someone posted earlier, what if the gun was stolen? What if it is an illegal arm which came into this country and was never part of this "fingerprinting" registration? But of course to consider this would not help to justify the desire for additional gun registration for the average law abiding gun over. I guess we shouldn't be surprised, this will only continue to get worse the longer whoever is responsible remains on the loose.
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    and the average dumb American falls for this garbage!!! what is it that makes us want to blame the object rather than the criminal, years of social engineering, but no one admits failure.
  6. Personal responsability seems to be a dieing charactoristic in this country and it makes me mad, because inevitably we're the oned that pay the price.
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    Amen to that. Personal responsibility is certainly dieing. I know I'm not going to let it die with me though. If I do something wrong or stupid, time for me to fess up. It makes you think about your actions a little more too.

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    Only thing is, peronal responsibility is not applicable to idiots like this so-called "sniper". Some hungry defense attorney will argue he had a bad childhood, played too many violent video games, ordered books from Paladin Press that taught him the wrong morals, had been cheated in the manhood department, scoffed at because he's "different" than everyone else, subscribed to SOF Magazine for a year and learned the "black art" of a sniper from a short blurb in the magazine, has low self-esteem, and hated his father because he wouldn't buy him a BB gun as a kid because his dad felt he was too irresponsible.
    My dad told me that back during his days in college, there was a discussion on gun control in class. He said they had a guy who came up with the dumbest, most hair-brained, far-out, unbelieveable idea. He said simply "If my client was accused of shooting someone else, I'd sue the gun manufacturer". This was back in 1963. My Dad said he would never, ever of have believed this guy would be so right on this matter.
    Whoever this idiot is that's killing people is gonna screw us BIG TIME. The anti's have just gotten an adrenaline shot in their butt, and we are on the defensive again...
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    I think they are throwing out the idea of the ar because of the twist but you can order barrels in any twist and I am still a believer in the idea of the 223 case being a plant and the 22-250 shooting flatter and harder from a longer distance
  10. I belive in two eastern states that conduct "finger printing" of new hand guns purchases has been effect for some time. There has been some 19.000 handguns that have been fingerprinted. "O" have been linked to crime.
    Facts and logic make no sense to liberals.
    The liberal-socialist is concerned with, "me" and the conservitive mind-set is "WE" as a nation. How selfish.
    Sound about right?