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    The Canadians have good cause to worry. It has been proposed in the Organization of American States (OAS is UN-lite) that America assume the defense of the entire hemisphere, a major step in creating a Confederated States of the Americas. Bush's Free Trade Area of Americas (FTAA) is another major step, just as is the dollarization of the hemisphere push.

    From The New American, August 16, 1999:

    A Military "NAFTA"

    In a report published by the U.S. Army War College entitled "A New United States Strategy for Mexico," military analyst Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Nunez recommends the creation of a North American "peacekeeping" force "headquartered in the U.S., with deputy commander positions rotating between Canada and Mexico," reported the July 7th Toronto Star.

    U.S. taxpayers would underwrite 60 percent of the force's costs, with Canada providing 25 percent and Mexico accounting for the remaining 15 percent.

    Nunez describes his proposal as a means of "moving from bilateral arrangements to a [military] organization that reflects regional economic and security concerns ... particularly considering our burgeoning trade through NAFTA ... and the growing threat of terrorism that can penetrate through our borders." The joint command would also coordinate military actions to deal with terrorism, insurgency, and security threats. Should the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas become a reality, "the military command would stretch from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego," commented the Star.

    "The war college study is the first to publicly advocate the sensitive issue of integrated military command - a matter of sovereignty in Canada and Mexico, as well as countries throughout the hemisphere," continued the Canadian paper." The war college has received requests for copies from the Canadian and Mexican governments, as well as several U.S. government departments, including State and Defense."

    Those interested in seeing an earlier treatment of the same proposal should also acquire a copy of the 1912 political novel Philip Dru: Administrator, in which author Edward Mandell House, intimate adviser to President Woodrow Wilson and founder of the Council on Foreign Relations, called for the "unity of the northern half of the Western Hemisphere" under a single unified military command running "from the Arctic Sea to the canal at Panama."


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    I like the Confederate States part,can we start whistling Dixie again without being sued?

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    Holy crap!!! Thanks Ben!:eek:
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    Holy crap is right!!!!!!!

    Thanks Ben!
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    Now wahts so bad about the Mexican army helping to keep our streets safe by haveing armed patrols throughout this country..They are our friends and Im sure they have only the best intrest of our country in mind.... Great no invasion we invite them...a milatary stroke of genoius.
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    Oh thats wonderful we are inviting Drug Dealer Security into our country. What happened to a country securing its own borders? Oh I forgot we have to be PC with all the leaders - I guess that desert hunting trip is out then