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    back in the 70s i was going hunting with a friend for dove in the rio grande valley, my buddy had a Charles daily 12 gauge back when they were belgium made, ihad my crummy mossberg, and he just crowed and bragged about his new 12 gauge untill i just could not stand it,he was in his brand new ford pick -up, all the extras, i was a poor man, and had an old 60s chevy, we parked at the river, he was so proud of his new gear, and told me to come look at his great truck and fantastic shotgun, after opening the door he grapped his charles daily and proceeded to blow a hole through the floorboard and derstroy the slave cylinder on the clutch, as he had not given the shot gun a proper safe, poor guy had to ride in my old beat up chevy, while i just could not keep from laughing every 30 seconds, he still wont murmer a thing about that incident and i still rib him, oh i bagged my limit, with my mossberg and he didnt hit a thing, except his new ford, pretty funny
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    That's a funny story and glad noone was hurt. His pride must have taken a little beating that day.