Taurus Here's a picture of my PT-92

Discussion in 'Taurus' started by Rex_Lee, Aug 30, 2010.

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    Just because....
    I bought it brand spanking new in the mid 90's. It has seen a lot of miles as a carry gun, as you can see by the wear and tear on the wood. I've fired a lot of practice rounds through it over the years. It has never given me a lick of trouble. It eats just about everything I have fed it.

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  2. Thanks for the post Rex, sounds like you have a winner

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    Very nice and well kept! I too has a PT92 during the 90s and it was the same as yours but blued. That's the model with the 2 position safety and the 15 rd mag. When I bought my beretta I got it for 400 used and for 450 they had a BRAND NEW pt92 and I noticed the new ones have 3 positon safeties- safe, off, and decock. Also they come from the factory with a 17 rd mag I believe.

    My pt 92 was very much the same as yours. It fed ANYTHING, it never jammed stovepiped or malfunctioned in any way. I got it used as a matter of fact for 350.00 and a guy at my work offered me 500.00 for it after we went shooting one day. Sooo bye bye pt92!

    I have owned 3 Taurus' in my life, the PT92, a snubnose .357 mag, and my most recent a PT1911, and I noticed something about Taurus'. The rest of the people who don't like Taurus' make you feel like you owe them some sort of justification or excuse for owning a Taurus. Why is that? I am pretty sure that Taurus requires some sort justification more than any other brand of gun. I mean seriously!, I don't hear people justifying Witness', Rock Island.., or any other knock off brand. And Taurus is arguably one of the top 5 manufacturers by volume and model selection in tha world right now. Why the heck is that?
    I mean they not only do they have a million models, and some of the most radical technology, sometimes unneccesary stuff you would never use, but new concepts nonetheless, but they have a full lifetime warranty. I mean GEEEZ what do people want? Give taurus a little credit already!
  4. Awesome post guys!

    This is the gun I'm looking at buying. The feel of it, the 3 different safeties, the cheap ammo, all of it is why I am going to buy it. I'm with you on the whole other gun owners making you feel like you have to justify having it. The second you mention Taurus they immediately have hatred for it. I keep having to go on and on about how Taurus bought out the Beretta factory in Brazil etc. I shouldn't have to do that, its a great gun that from actual owners of the gun I haven't heard many bad stories about the PT92. Trying to convince my wife to let me buy it now instead of waiting until January. Not a fun battle when the choices are pay off bills or be able to buy my gun now instead of 2 months from now.
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    Thanks for sharing with us. That 92 is awesome in my

    I love my PT 99. It's a 92, but with adjustable sights,


    I use it for my yard gun,


    It is reliable, accurate and I love the way they look.

    My 20 year old son liked it so much, I got him a PT 92
    for his birthday,

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    Got a PT 101 stainless in .40 cal over 8,000 rounds through it now, only had to replace the adjustable sight on it.
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    The reason I bought a Taurus instead of a Beretta at the time was because of the lifetime warranty offered by Taurus instead of one year from Beretta. I have never had a jam or stovepipe from my PT99AF and would use it to defend myself confidently with it. Fortunately I have never had to use the warranty and hope not to, but it's nice to know that it's there. I knew of someone who had issues with the rear adjustable sight coming loose because of the pin that holds it in. He sent it back to the factory and it came back repaired with new sights and pin. I had that same problem with mine but replaced the solid pin with a tension type roll pin and haven't had a problem with it since.
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    You don't have to justify your purchase of a Taurus to anyone...when they start the bad-mouth rant simply grin slyly and ask what they paid for their's. It will shut them up.
    I have two Taurus's, a PT-58 and a PT-99; both of which has never had a problem...and I bought them both about 20 years ago.
    Yeah, it seems funny how shooter decry the Taurus revolver but turn around and revel over the Judge...huh?