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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by leemozoid, Jul 26, 2002.

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    Looks like some Winchester contract ammo made for The Dominican (Republic). My gunsmith bought about 30 boxes. The headstamp is WRA 30-06. Pretty cool s**t!

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    Man that box is in excellent shape.

  3. Stock Doc

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    I like that and wonder how many other countries they did this for? Thanks Steve for sharing.
    If you want to show you're other new part out go ahead a educational photo is always welcome here and how it was done is fine also. Rick B
  4. leemozoid

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    The box is sealed, too. He had a few that were open, that's how I got the headstamp info. I don't believe that the 1947-48 represents a year...I don't think WRA was a division of Olin at that time...could that be a lot number? Ideas? Rick, I'll post on the new item later. Got to get to be now. Driving 3 hrs to KC in the AM for an 800 table show.
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    You better only look at the show you have a family and the little one to feed. Its hard to eat those rare parts so I would just stay home or give those parts to me for some food? Hey theres a idea " Will work for Garand parts" wait I already do that hehehehehe. Rick B