HERE'S Your Second Wave!

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    Several astute observers have correctly pointed out that the COVID Scamdemic has been used to crash the world economy. Why? Because the gubmint debt load of every nation has become untenable, and the banksters are demanding their "pound of flesh."

    Yesterday, and today, we got a repeat of the March Madness "correction" in the markets. It was small, yesterday, and bigger today. If it continues to make a larger drop tomorrow, then I expect we get a full blown "Second Wave" of economic destruction.

    Market Indexes - 28 OCT 2020.GIF

    Yahoo Finance Page - 28 OCT 2020 CLOSE.GIF

    I know most of you don't care about the Stock market, but I monitor it every day, because I trade stock options. The point has been made that the "Market" no longer reflects the economy of our country, or the world, for that matter. I say "yes" and "no," because at some point, the stock prices can get down to the level where the company is operating at a loss, and then they go out of business - WHICH DOES DIRECTLY AFFECT THE ECONOMY. We lost many businesses this year, most of them "Small Business" types that make up the MAJOR portion of jobs in this country. When/if we start losing a bunch of major corporations, the economy is on it's death bed.

    We would then be looking straight down the barrel of The Greater Depression.

    The commucrats will stop at nothing to attempt to take out President Trump, including destroying our whole economy by creating an unworkable business environment, and sowing panic.

    As I said, the Market reaction tomorrow will be the "tell" of whether or not it crashes like it did in March.
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    How many months did we close down things and sit people ? How many people are still sitting, their industry destroyed by irrational fears stoked by the lamestream media ? How many masked up industries are operating inefficiently and at reduced capacity due idiotic WuFlu restrictions from above ? How many people are gonna start a bizness knowing the gunment can shut them down tomorrow on a whim over something or other ?

    Well, they all got stimulus money ?

    Ummmm. Yeah. Where did this money come from ?

    Why some magical money tree in Washington of course.

    So we’re not really making much are we ? We’re just propping things up by taking money off the money tree ?


    Well, THAT oughta work ...... then let’s just stay home, hide under our bed with masks on while that nasty wu flu rages ! All is well !
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  3. Ten Man

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    Excellent! All is going according to plan.
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    Just finished my Bugout Location...
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  6. Huey Rider

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    Ironically less than a week before the election. Deep state planning?
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    Hard to say. Are the banksters part of the Deep State? Are the Institutional Trading Houses part of the Deep State? I have no data on those things.

    What I do know is that the Market Gurus have been calling for a crash in October, just before the Election, for the last couple months. Is it going to happen? We will have to wait and see. As I said, tomorrow will be a key indicator. Right now (8:30PM Eastern) the DOW Futures are UP 200 points. Alas, that can all change overnight, as I have learned the hard way. LOL!
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    Well, now its tomorrow. I'm scared to look. What's your thoughts TM?
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    Market opened 15 minutes ago, and the DOW is down 150 points, right now. I have to wait and see if it is going to accelerate down, or stay flat. There is a lot of "Fluff" in the Market, and it could get knocked out at any time.

    The Market is truly psychotic over the COVID/Lockdown/Election/Debt Bubble conglomeration, at this time. I'm just sitting on the sidelines, watching.
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  10. Ten Man

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    Mid day update. The Market is trading flat, today. That means the "BIG" traders are in "wait and see" mode. Friday is usually a slightly down day, so I don't think we will see a "crash" of the Market.

    Instead, we will probably see it trade sideways for a week. After the Election, it will probably go down a bit, before it starts it's "Holiday" climb. The climb will last until the COVID flag is waved again, to generate more "lockdown" stupidity.
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    The DOW closed UP 139 points, today (Thursday). Basically flat for the day. As I said above, Friday (tomorrow) is usually a slightly down day. So, unless there is a cataclysmic shift in overseas markets, tonight, I don't expect any "Crash" before the Election. However, IF I could guess the Market behavior all the time, I'd be a multi-millionaire, now. LOL!!!

    That just means the SECOND WAVE will come after the Election on 3 NOV., depending on the results of the Election.
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    All is going, uh, Maine? .. and the flan is an accordion, man.
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  13. Huey Rider

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    Got a feeling if bimbo gets elected, the day it is announced the stock market will dive bomb; exactly opposite of what it did the day after trump won.
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  14. Ten Man

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    I must unequivocally state, "Maybe." :D
  15. jwrauch

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    Don't know much about the "market" but I've been taking stock of a few things !!! IMG_1550.JPG
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    KInd of a family resemblance maybe?
  17. Jack Ryan

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    I got a feeling, I'm no doctor, but I've got a feeling the COVID scare is about worn out. Now I pride myself on being stubborn/persistent so I'm not sticking my own neck out, but about the only thing I feel pretty good at is picking out the people who ARE GOOD at what they do and know what they are doing.

    Now I'm diabetic and I just got a new doctor. The doctor office and people at these doctor offices are putting people in their waiting rooms together now. My new doctor recommended I start seeing a podiatrist. I never in my life paid anyone to clip my toe nails but, eh, I don't want my feet cut off either. I'll try it once and see if a professional does anything different. "Nope, you look pretty good. No big problems I see."

    Now if I'm a doctor, I should be pretty wired in on the real Covid threat. If they DO GET SICK it is going to cost them a lot of money. No way in heck I'm going to bring patients in here in a little room and sit down in front just to clip some lazy as// um person's toe nails.

    Next, the airlines are coming back. More passengers, more flights, more hype and advertising, more people I know who fly around every where are once again "flying around every where ".

    More trains are traveling the tracks moving factory stuff from St Louis to Cincinnati. I watch that track most all day long every day some one is here to know if any trains went by today. They don't run those trains for a decoy to fool the citizens.

    I figure once the election is over, Covid is over. Now I'm not betting my LIFE on it but I am betting my 401K on it and loading up at every dip. Cure, treatment, or vaccine isn't going to make a difference any of those proven to work and released is going to be big and it won't matter who the president is they will hype the heck out of it and take all the credit, spending money to pump the economy like you've never seen since the last time they spent money like you never seen.

    Fiat money isn't made with the intent of holding value or worth. It is to allow the government to steal it with out you ever even knowing you are being robbed. You can sleep with it under your pillow every night and still they are stealing the value of your life's ambitions.

    That is why rich people own things, business, property, buildings, more than they pile up cash.
  18. Ten Man

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