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    Who is/are your hero/s? And why?

    I'll start.

    Albert Einstein - He mastered his mind and he was the first person to start a group fighting against nuclear weapons. He really cared about the human race.

    Bruce Lee - He mastered his body. He did things 30 years ago that people today still can't explain.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Your my hero Lenny,no matter whats thrown at ya, you keep coming back. You got guts son and sometimes guts is all ya need.:spaceship

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    Einstein. Archimedes. Gallileo. Martin Luther. Ghandi. Washington.
  4. Hero's

    Jesus - read the bible, you'll know why

    My Dad - for being there for me, for risking it all in Korea, nuff said

    Ted Nugent - for having the balls to be himself, and fight honestly for what he believes in.

    Any veteran of any war that we were involved in - nuff said again

    Einstein - Brialliant mind and quite the sense of humor. For also being a genius and not turning evil.

    Rush Limbaugh - For being one of the few people with the guts to publicly expose the liberal left and their agenda.

    Those that so bravely rose to the occasion, and those who gave it all September 11, 2001. That goes for those who took a stand on the plane that went down in Penn. as well. Nuff said

    The framers of the original US constitution.

    Ronald Reagan - quite possibly one of the best leaders the free world will ever know, and un arguably one of the most charismatic leaders as well.

    HONORABLE MENTIONS: Steve Martin, Frank Zappa, Luciano Pavaroti, Ludwig Beetoven and a host of other brilliant people at the front of their craft and ahead of their time. Those who's talent is effortless and they are truly gifted. Not really hero's, but well regarded by me.

    After Jesus and my Dad, they are in no particular order...........

    A world without heroes
    Is like a world without sun
    You can't look up to anyone
    Without heroes
    And a world without heroes
    Is like a never ending race
    Is like a time without a place
    A pointless thing devoid of grace
    Where you don't know what you're after
    Or if something's after you
    And you don't know why you don't know
    In a world without heroes
    In a world without dreams
    Things are no more than they seem
    And a world without heroes
    Is like a bird without wings
    Or a bell that never rings
    Just a sad and useless thing
    Where you don't know what you're after
    Or if something's after you
    And you don't know why you don't know
    In a world without heroes
    There's nothing to be
    It's no place for me
    :guitar: :wave: :right:

    From: the Kiss CD "The Elder" Song written by Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Lou Reed and Bob Ezrin.
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    No one person deserves to be labled a hero. The real heros are the ones that never get any recognition nor want any. There are heros all around us that we don't know about.My hero is GOD almighty,but Lenny I am serious about your tenacity! There are many people that I ADMIRE though.
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    Lenny Bows...

    ...to NRAJOE.
    OK, now who do you admire? and why?
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    I like KISS, too. The Psycho Circus game was pretty good. "I believe in something more than you can understand; I believe in me"
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  8. Bruce Lee--In my younger days I was a very avid martial arts student. He was a hero of mine. His death was very strange though. My dad--he's been gone for many years now, but he taught me about firearms, hunting, fishing, survival, fixing things myself, and that honesty and integrity are the best traits that a man can have.
    Let's don't forget our founding fathers.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Bow accepted ... I admire anyone who is willing to stick his neck out for his beliefs and d a m n the torpedos. I admire our friends in Hollywood who still take a stand against the liberal entertainment industry...Tom Selleck...Bruce Willis...Arnold...Clint Eastwood...Reba..the Mandrells...a bevy of C&W singers,etc,etc...
  10. John Browning....the most prolific weapons inventor in history. Almost all of his thoughts, ideas and inventions are still in use today.

    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast

    Well I was going to say Dad, but that is more like a role model. I think a hero is someone who does without being asked to. Someone who gives without thought or care so as to benefit another. They come in all shapes and sizes, the guy who drowns after saving a child, the cop who takes a bullet trying to disarm a criminal, the doctor who gives someone a second chance or the child who gives up his ice cream money to help out a family who has lost everything in a fire.

    A hero doesn't need to be big just their actions need be.

    Joe you are right, always respect a man if he stands up for his beliefs, whether or not you agree.
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    Davey Crockett.
  13. Phacosrana--you had it right-- dad. After all they would do the same thing.
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    Right on Phacopsrana!
  15. Hero, Role Model and Dad

    If that isn't a Dad, than what is a Hero. Role Models can be Hero's too, in my book. There are too many biological Fathers that will never be Dad's, and many Dad's are everyday heros................

    Just my take on the whole, Hero/Dad/Role Model thing.
  16. Agreed........

    I agree with you Joe. And if you look at my list I don't thnk there is one person there who looks for attention, or does what they do for the sake of being in the spotlight. Everyone has a different definition of heros. Hero worship is where people ruin the whole idea.

    I agree, be yourself, do what you know is right and recognize greatness when you are among it. Heros and role models are almost the same thng in my book. Heroic acts do not solely make up a hero.

    Many wicked people in history have performed heroic acts. Look into any war. An enemy who save the lives of many of hs brethren is called a hero by the enemy powers. According to many in the Taliban, those who killed thousands on 9/11 are heros. A hero, as is beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

    Just some more fancy thinking on my behalf............:cool:
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    Right on Sniper, thanks for the confirmation. Heros are in the eye of the beholder. Maybe some twisted individuals thought Hitler was a hero.
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    John Levitow & every one else who gave their lives that others may live.
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    I agree with NRA joe.

    The two people that I admire most are Jesus Christ (for obvious reasons) and Robert E. Lee. Lee had the utmost faith in God no matter how bleak the situation got, he was in my opnion the best general this country has produced, and he stood up for what he belived in, even though he knew he could lose everything.