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    I have a HIPOWER that is marked POLICIA PROV.BS AIRES-61 on one side of the frame and DIV.INTERNA SEC. on the other with a serial number of 001xx it came with 2 matching mags. The condition is very good+ is this something to get excited about or is just another reworked BROWNING. THANKS...
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    JIMM, I think what you have is one of a batch of surplus FN Hi-Powers that were imported recently, which were sold to the various Argentine military and law enforcement agencies some years back. The ones I have seen have a rather large rollmarked Argentine crest on the top of the slide just forward of the rear sight. I have no idea if they have or will have any collector value now or in the future, but are genuine Belgian Hi-Powers, and as such, will lend themselves to any shooting or modifications that you could apply to any other HP. If you want to find about collector value, you might want to go to www.fnhipower.com, and see if there is anyone there with knowledge of the value or collectability of your piece.

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    Don, that link doesn't work.
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    sounds like a first generation Buenos Aires police sidearm made in Belgium to me (but I've been wrong before)
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    logansdad - Does it add to the value ? It's a fun piece to fire but thats to be expected from a Hi-Power. also thanks for the responce. jimm