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    what ever became of herters, I remember my youth, searching through herters catalogues, for that special lure, or genuine hudson bay hunting equipment, i bought a hudson bay 22 rifle, and a genuine hudsons bay sleeping bag
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    I read recently that they had gone out of business. I look back thru some old Gun Digest books, and there were some intresting things sold by Herters, various Mauser actions and accessories. I'd like to get one of their U9 Mausers. I wonder who bought their assets?

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    Big Dog,
    The Herter's U9 was a BSA action. The mauser action was called the J9 and was made in Yugoslavia. The mausers were of questionable quality unlike the CZ's of today. A good substitute would be the Howa from Japan. Howa formally made the Weatherby MK V rifles. Herter's is still in buisness in Minn. in a limited capacity selling decoys, calls, and general duck hunting type stuff, nowhere near all they used to sell.

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    CZs were made in Czechoslovakia, or currently, in the Czech Republic. The old Yugo Mausers from about 1948 - 1956 were of high quality, made on German machinery. I do not not of the later versions.
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    The CZ factory that was bombed by the US during the recent unpleasantness has been rebuilt. They are supposed to be making Mauser actioned sporting rifles again. :)