He's Just an Old Vet

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    He’s Just an Old Vet

    He used to walk tall and hard
    As an arrow so true and straight
    He talked the talk and walked the walk,
    No hesitation in his gait.

    He’s known reality, love and life
    Holding all in his mind, heart, and arms
    He’s familiar with enemies of foreign lands
    And has carried their death in his hands

    His youth has grown to middle-age
    And has suddenly gone beyond
    His walk and talk is slower now
    His head is topped with gray

    His body is racked with pain for now
    And he dreams of friends long gone
    He always swears his allegiance in every prayer he says
    To his God and to his country for all his remaining days.

    He tries to explain with tears in his eyes
    Why his flag, to him, means so much
    But no one will listen, they don’t want to hear
    They frown and look at him with disdain and disgust.

    What does this crazy old man know of living today
    Of our hardships, our stress, and our sweat
    His words to us are not worthy to hear
    After all, he’s just an old vet.
    ---1stSgt David Straub @7/4/2014
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    My F-I-L used to get that treatment, from the young punks he worked with,
    until a couple of older guys had a chat with 'em about how many bullet scars he had...
    and how many medals he had locked away...then it became "Yes, Mr. 'Ski" :)

    Everyone wonders why a SOG with a Bronze & a Silver Star would go work as a Golf Course maintenance man...
    tough job, digging sprinkler line trenches and replacing sod, all that hard work...
    its because it is Simple, he doesn't have to shoot at anyone with anything more serious than a water hose...
    and he's on a Golf Course enjoying Nature's Beauty all day ;) Kinda funny how ones priorities change...

    He just retired from there due to his Double Bypass heart surgery...after 22 years...
    the course folks already miss him a lot...seems they haven't been able to find anyone
    who can fill his shoes, much less do a good day's work ;)

    Hire a Vet, they Do the Job :)
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    Simply Awesome Top, Simply Awesome.
    Thanks for posting!
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    Respect. Respectfully I'm leading astray; "oldjarhead" I mean no disrespect to your post

    [​IMG]Dana Perino ✔ @DanaPerino

    With all my being I'm begging you don't let people further isolate vets with PTS because they're not homicidal. Hire, include, support them.

    10:12 PM - 3 Apr 2014

    Hess Corporation is a global energy company that prides itself on its practice of hiring vets. http://www.hess.com/careers/hiring-veterans

    What’s more, the military seldom complains — they just want the chance to serve

    Senior Pentagon officials told Congress last … that troops are willing to sacrifice portions of their pay and benefits if it means keeping and improving the training and equipment needed to do their jobs,” according to a recentMilitary.com report.

    Compare that kind of sacrifice to a Virginia congressmen’s recent complaint that his $174,000 salary wasn’t enough.

    Let me join the others in saying “Amen and well done, Perino!”
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    You served our country. Much of your life, you made friends knowing you would leave them one day sooner rather than later, probably never to see them again. You spent your best years living in houses you never owned in a town in which you knew you would never be a part. You family often followed from base to base, leaving friends, schoolmates, boyfriends, and girlfriends. You never really had enough money to repay the hours you spent on the job.

    Your family has spent hours worrying, wondering, whether Dad or Mom, their brother or sister was OK, cold, warm, hungry, hurt or even dead. You developed a kindred spirit with men and women who served and fought beside you. More often than you care to remember, you carried their bodies away from their final fight.

    You laughed, screamed, cursed, prayed and wept. You understood and LIVED duty, honor, and sacrifice. You stepped forward to do this, when no one pushed you, and when your country demanded your service, you didn't shirk your duty. While others chose education, wealth or comfort, you chose rigorous training, many sleepless nights, and at times, not so much as 2 hours of sleep in a country a world away from your family. You and the hundreds of thousands like you cleared the pathway for this young nation to march to a world superpower, and too often that pathway led through horrors the citizens could not imagine. You did this for me.

    The world as we know it, is a safer, better place because of you, and all of those like you, who have sacrificed so much, and received so little in return. Those who have never served, enjoy the freedoms they have today, because you chose to “stand at the wall”, and say, “no harm will come to my country; not tonight, and not on my watch”.

    I often wonder where all the politicians would be, when “things go bump” in the night. I know the answer, of course. They will lay safe and snug in their beds, because they know that you, and others like you, stand ready and waiting to defend with your lives, their right to safety in a free world, that was paid for with your blood.
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    Amen Brother.

    I think most of us who served.
    Would do it all over again, if we could... :usa2:
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    I never served although I often wished I had !! Veterans deserve and have earned a special place in society. They deserve much better treatment than they get !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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    Every day and twice on Sunday brother Grizz. :usa2:
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