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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by tommy, Mar 19, 2002.

  1. tommy

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    are any of you out there still having problems the hesse ar 15 i don't own one but a buddy of mine does and he got nuthin but trouble with it since be got it. i have heard before that hesse doen't make a very good reciever .and would just changing the internal parts with good ones will it work better
  2. Eric

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    I've NEVER heard anything good about Hesse. Hesse is the cheapest 'new' AR you can buy, a little under $500. The Receiver, however should be Mil-Spec and done on CNC machinery. So unless they have bad data in their Computer, changing the parts just might do it. Good Luck and Good Shooting! Eric

  3. tommy

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    i'll pass on the info to my friend .maybe he will take the advice.he needs to get something goin right with that gun.problems and more problems.
  4. Steve E.

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    I had a Hesse Ak-47 type rifle, bought new and it literally shot apart within 40 rounds. You could grab the barrel and twist the barrel and the block it screwed into out of the reciever. My friend got one the same time I did and his would shoot about 5 feet to the left at 50 yds.