Hey from Tenn!

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by ACfixer, May 14, 2020.

  1. animalspooker

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    Congrats on that good move AC! Other than getting 'closer' to Jaison, I see no negatives in this transplant!!!
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  2. Jaison

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    Here ya go, Superheat:

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  3. mitchr

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    When we first moved into this house, our neighbor was the AG teacher for the local high school. He had 12 acres & raised hogs, cattle & chickens for show in the area livestock shows.

    We hadn't been here long when we woke up to huge hogs in our front yard! He was over here right away, carrying a 5 gallon bucket & they politely followed him home!:p

    He was in Dallas for a showing there when some of his cows got out & paid me a visit. I wondered if it'd work & grabbed an empty bucket out of my shop. Sure enough, they followed me back over to his place & thru the gate to his pasture, all except one! There was a bull that never left the pen & I was a bit leery about stepping inside with him, but it turned out he was just a big softy!:rolleyes:

    The neighbor had an Austrailian Shepard. He was too old & too fat to really do any herding, but he knew where to stand & bark, to get the cow to move thru the gate.:)
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    Congrats again on the move, looks beautiful out there. And you’re doing exactly what I want to do on my own land, shoot my guns any time I want!
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    There are plenty of critters in that area. Have to be careful at evening and driving in dark. My son accidently hit a bobcat and a bear last year near there. He said that it is a high population of bears and turkeys in that area. Also he has shot many coyotes there in the past winter we just had. On the west side of the state they have more hogs. Plenty of deer to in the NE corner if you find a farm to hunt or a good bet is many state forests around there.
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  6. gsbuickman

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    howdy howdy Lance :) glad things are lookin up and your making your escape from the communist sh!thole and into Pirates backyard ...
  7. Brother Bob

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    Deer are seen running downtown in Memphis.
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  8. Dan22

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    Welcome from Central Florida. We’re about one lottery away from moving to the Smoky Mountains.
    My wife and I were raised in upstate NY and moved to Florida in 1978.
    We miss the seasons and mountains and prefer Trout fishing to Bass.
    You’re going to have to learn the local language, NASCAR, and you’ll need a good squirrel rifle. You can just go buy one without Nancy Pelosi’s permission, ammo too.
    Don’t miss a trip up to the Cass Scenic Railroad in W. Va, north of Bristol. They have Shay and Heisler geared logging steam locos pulling open passenger cars through the mountains.
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    :):)Welcome to G&G from Michigan:):)
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  10. ACfixer

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    Well thank you kind sirs... I wasn't welcome when I was from Kommiefornia? :p

    I mean, I've only been a member here for 12 years. :D
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    Hi, I haven’t been able to post anything anywhere to ask and I know this isn’t the spot to put it necessarily since it’s off topic but I can’t seem to put anything anywhere else. Could anyone show me how I can create a new thread/post? Thanks!
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    Upper right of each sub forum should have a green box that is titled "Post new thread" click on it and it should take you to a new screen that shows a box for thread title and then a message box for your question or info. Once done there should be a box at the bottom for posting the new topic. Good luck and welcome.
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  13. ACfixer

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    *Ahem...* Pirate is in MY backyard! :D
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  14. ACfixer

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    I did a little chupacabra hunting while I was there, got one! Seems chupacabras don't like 230g FMJ's real well! Not the ideal hunting round nor my preferred weapon for those critters, but I am a decent shot with my Kimber Raptor Pro. :p

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  15. Jaison

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    Haaaa! Yep, that’s one of those dreaded Tennessee Chups!

    Well done, sir!
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  16. Wk1234

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  17. blue fox

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    Best keep an eye on your backyard then. You know how them pirates are. especially the ones that like PINK.:p
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