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  1. This is for you, and everybody else that owns a CAI Garand. Please check this out, its for your own safety. CAI sucks, they always have, and always will. Go to this link below, and when the web page to Fulton pops up, go to M1 Garand Pages FAQ Articles page. Check out the third posting in that section, it concerns a technical inspection of a CAI reciever.


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    old news, like having chevy critique ford!!! how about someone coming up with more documented proof!!!:p

  3. I think the pics say it all Pappa --

    Pics dont lie, these are poorly made recievers. CAI has a sh itty quality control concerning their manufacturing of Garand recievers.
  4. I think there has been enough circumstantial evidence on CAI M1s to assume there are problems with some of them, at least. My only contact was a CAI at my local gunshop. I couldn't even get the op rod to function right!

    Considering these are usually price at or near the price for a CMP rifle, I certainly wouldn't recommend them.
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    supposedly the deficincies were corrected later. i have never seen one in person, so i cannot qualify any statements about them. but i have seen numerous posts about them being ok from the old CAI garand board that used to be here. but let me say, their out there and like them or not people own them. so maybe some CAI owners can jump in the fracus.
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    I read it and still say mine is safe to shoot. Sure there were problems and I dont doubt you on that.

    If you are still worried for me I will be happy to supply you with an address so you can send me a original garand. Hopefully this will allow you to sleep better at night, slick.
  7. Do you want a SA, WRA, HRA, or IHC? Let me know so I can work on your order.