Hey Military professionals, what laptop would you use in the field?

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    I was reading through some techy type articles not too long ago and I read how the Military is using more and more macintosh computers. I know that the NSA and Pentagon networks started putting Mac servers on their network for boosted securities. I mean the NSA network is probably one of the most attacked, so security is HUGE for them.

    Then I look at the notebooks like the Panasonic Toughbooks (pictured below)
    Which are basically mini tanks, that are computers. However, it seems that windows is unreliable. I did some upgrades for a sergeant a few years back who was getting shipped to Afghanistan and he was going to use a Sony notebook in the field, and I upgraded the RAM for him. Not sure why the military didn't do that for him, but perhaps it was his personal one. I didn't ask, I just told him to be safe.

    So for those of you in the Military and operate in the field can you give me an idea of what laptops are used, and how they are used? I have been reading articles but I would like to hear from someone who is actually using them, and if the results they are getting are good are bad with them.