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Hi all forum members from Western Australia

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Well as said hi from sunny WA.
I’ve been an avid shooter from a young age, back when firearms were prevalent here in Oz. After leaving home and during my $broke$ 20’s, growing up 5 kids into my 30’s I hadn’t touched a gun in years. So when finally I’d saved enough at 35 years of age to buy my very own rifle, handling the cold steel and timber, smelling the sweet gun oil was indescribable. A proper man’s long arm of my very own, a brand new 336 Marlin in 30-30. Now 17 years later I’ve a few more in the safe, reloading for the center fires; well it gets me 1/2 MOA with the faster ones but also a a kinship that I just don’t feel with any other of my possessions :cool:
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welcome from Florida.
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