Hi Cap detachable magazines???

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, Mar 16, 2002.

  1. Doglips

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    I have the chines SKS and would love a 30 round mag for it. I ordered one but it came with instructions on how to mount the adapter...not included...Are there any Hi capacity 20 or 30 rd that will fit the SKS without drilling tapping ect? were can I get them?
    Thank you everyone.
  2. Firemedic

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    Yes they have a long extention at the top. You can get 10, 20, 30 or more There are drums that hold like a hundred.

  3. Calvin

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    USA Mags made a 30-round detachable steel mag. I had one, and wish I had not gotten rid of it. There are a couple of places for you to try:

    As long as it's legal for you to install one, get a steel one. There are Zytel mags out there that I have heard don't work well. However, be advised that it takes a while to load that 30-rounder. I, personally, will stick with the standard 10-round mag. It never jams, and that's all I need. HTH
  4. Dick Robinson

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    Hey Dog lips, get yourself a copy of Shotgun News, there are a number of people, in there with high-cap SKS mags. Dick
  5. dnice

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    Check out the "Hi Tech" site. They have a number of hi capacity mags. The quality is very good. I have a 37 rounder and it works great.
  6. tim candela

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    sounds like doglips may have gotten a Hi tec mag. with out the adaptor. dnice , happy to hear about your good luck with the Hi tec mag with adaptor I was thinking about buying one but had not heard any good reports.
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    Where did ya leave off on this DL?