Hi from California - and a quick question

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by inglockwetrust, Apr 20, 2020.

  1. inglockwetrust

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    Hey from California. I'm new to the forum, and look forward to learn and contribute.

    Quick question. I'm one of those new 2nd owners - sorry (for being late to the party).

    I bought a thing in one of the stores. I've been waiting for it to be delivered for like 2+ weeks, but the dudes down there are telling me there are delays in deliveries and bla. I'm getting impatient, 'cause I spent a lot of $ on this. Thoughts?
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    Welcome, brother. We don’t have to speak in code here, you don’t have to censor yourself from saying GUN and whatnot.
    Everything seems to be taking longer to deliver due to the panic. But you also live in Cali, I’d suggest moving. Congrats on deciding to protect yourself and your freedom!
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  3. grizcty

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    Welcome to G&G from Alaska.
  4. Stickman

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    Welcome number 2 from Alaska.
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  5. Brandhard

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    Welcome to G&G. Right now there's been a complete run on guns. I went to a local shop this weekend rhat I would guess was above 75% sold out on hand guns. Just empty display cases. Everyone has run out. Firearms dealers are pretty strictly regulated, so I wouldn't be worried about getting ripped off, even though it's got to be frustrating waiting for it to come in.
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  6. neophyte

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    inglockwetrust: Sir; Welcome from NC
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  7. blue fox

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    Welcome from Leavenworth. we do tend to speak plainly around here. Enjoy.
  8. Jay

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    Welcome to G&G. There has been such a run on firearms lately, I'm not a bit surprised shipping is slow. Patience helps, and passing the time here, may be in your favor in the long run. Browse the site, read the rules ask questions if you have 'em. There's a couple of goofballs here, but most any of us will do what we can to help you enjoy Gun and Game.

    Being late to the party beats the devil out of not being able to go at all. :usa2:
  9. Huey Rider

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    :):)Welcome to G&G from Michigan:):)
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  10. BigEd63

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    Welcome to G&G from NW Arkansas!
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  11. Mindy up North

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    Welcome number 3 from Alaska!

    Thing? Are you refering to Thing 1 or Thing 2? Or an entirly different thing? Please expound:D
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  12. draftingmonkey

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    Howdy from south OC. Was in last week picking up a new .410 I had purchased and was talking with my FFL. About three issues have occurred in regards to sales in CA:
    1) Increased sales nationwide have put the manufacturers behind on popular models;
    2) Deliveries are running behind. My FFL has noticed in tracking shipments that they are not moving items as fast as would be expected, ie- a delivery of 5 firearms was shown at a local Fedex warehouse where it sat for 2 days. No explanation on why. Had a delivery myself from Fedex a week or so ago that moved between 3 different Fedex centers all with 15 circular miles of each other for 4 days before it was put on a truck for delivery;
    3) The state is running behind on processing paperwork. He has had folks where they had paid for and he received their firearms yet because the paperwork was not yet processed he could not release their purchase to them. He mentioned that the state is as much as 5 weeks behind. Either offices shut down or working with depleted work force.
    So I would ask your guy;
    1) Has your paperwork with the state been processed and approved and they are awaiting delivery;
    2) Has your purchased been delivered but they are waiting for the paperwork from the state to be approved;
    3) Has your purchase even reached his supplier yet, if not could indicate a backup at the manufacturer whether domestic or foreign.
  13. Cyrano

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    New York
    Welcome to the Forum from the Peoples Democratic Republic of New York. I live in Upstate New York (as do Coach and Mr. tbolt) and we understand your pain, having to cope with the evil so-called "SAFE Act" Il Duce Cuomo rammed through literally in the middle of the night, violating half a dozen state laws to do so in order to get it on his desk for signature before the honest citizens found out what the whoreson was up to and raised hell to stop it.
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  14. inglockwetrust

    inglockwetrust G&G Regular

    I've always had a preference for Thing 2, but never had the courage to talk about it, as Thing 1 would probably call me a Thing-ist.

    Oh, and that:

  15. inglockwetrust

    inglockwetrust G&G Regular

    This has been my journey:

    "FNX please? no, not on the roster. (oh but we sell the FN5/7, it's as big and shoots 2500ft/sec and goes through anything ->makes sense!)
    P320 Legion? no, not on the roster.
    Baby Eagle? no, not on the roster.
    Archon Type B?..."

    The bg check hasn't even started, and I have no idea when I'll be able to go to the range next. FU.N.
  16. ChaZam

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    Welcome to G&G.
    Hope they finally get your paperwork processed so you can take possession.
    Dealers around here were getting a lot of "delays' a few weeks ago but things are once again running real smoothly. The last one I bought took maybe 2 or 3 minutes to get the approval.
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  17. inglockwetrust

    inglockwetrust G&G Regular

    Helpful. Thanks!
  18. Dutch

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    There's been a lot of issues with ups deliveries ro the gun shops. The manufacturers are also taking longer to ship. Depending on where you bought it, that may be a long time or it might be normal.
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  19. runfiverun

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    your just gonna have to wait.
    and then wait another 10 days.
    your states rules.

    the gun guy got no control over any of it but the paper work and the phone calls.

    maybe vote for someone/s/ else that might be able to change them.
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  20. Rocky7

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