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  1. Hello men , name is Bob from Northern Ontario , Canada..I've lurked here for awhile , thought I'd take the plunge and introduce myself.. Retired City Bus Driver of 30 years , living on an acre of land , growing a garden , heating with wood and of course hunting ,shooting , reloading , casting and trying to make the best of it while I still have legs under me.
    From the posts I've read here , I'd like nothing more then to call you all friends. Even tho a country apart , we are brothers in Arms , in the same boat struggling to keep our heads above the Liberal/Democrat scourge that is doing it's best to enslave us all.. Stay safe and above all NEVER loose your 2nd Ammendmant!.. God Bless.
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    :):)Welcome to G&G from Michigan:):)
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    Welcome to Gun and Game!
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    M1Garandfather: Sir; Welcome from NC
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    Welcome Bob. Glad to have you with us.
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    welcome from the tropical part of Fla. looks like you will fit right in around here.
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    Welcome to G&G from your neighbor in Alaska.
    Eh... flag-of-canada.gif
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    Welcome, Canada is one of my favorite places to visit. The people are always friendly and food is great.
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    That's a good intro.
    Welcome to the forum, glad to have you.
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  10. Well I am humbled at the response and replies I've had already , thanks to all very much!.. We are in for the fight of our lives fella's - regardless of which country..This is our moment in time to live up to the standard set by the greatest generation..We all have never seen such rabid opposition to our chosen way of life..
    Just a little background My Grandfather was a Rifleman in the R.C.R. regiment at Passchendaele and Vimy Ridge.. My father was Royal Canadian Air Force , a W.A.G. (Wireless Air Gunner in a Lancaster Bomber) , my son was U.S. Navy , Petty Officer second class on the USS Nimitz , mechanic in the Black Raven Squadron.. I did not have the privilege to serve.. Youth was stolen by some bad people.....
    However , I am well pleased to be in such good company here!.. America is the last bastion of freedom in the world , you are blessed to have the Constitution and God given rights!..Here in Canada we are only allowed privileges granted to us by the Crown , which can be revoked with an infraction..Stand firm , it's either freedom or serfdom...My apologies for getting carried away here as well. Thanks.
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    Oh, you're in trouble now! :) Welcome.


    Nope. No disrespect, but I will not stand for that. Neither should you. You, better than most, can look back at a trail of blood and tears leading to your home. Don't betray them, friend. Stand and fight.
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  12. Yes! Of course!..I neglected to include those sentiments in my post Rocky , we either hang together or we'll hang alone!..It is outrageous how we vetted gun owners are treated , tar'ed and brushed in along with the gangs and thugs.. Thanks for the gentle boot!
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    You're most welcome. Never let the bastids get you down.

    There's lots we can do, my friend, and are doing:
    • Letters to MPs
    • Letters to editor at the paper
    • Social media
    • Donations to legal challenges (CCFR at the moment). Legal challenges cost 6 figures - no problem if we all chip in.
    • Join Gun Orgs and hold them to account.
    • Support pistol owners and black gun owners even if you don't have one of those. They are on the perimeter. If the Gun Zombies get past them, they will not stop.
    • Don't back up.......Not.one.inch
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    Welcome Bob! And we're more than brothers in arms. Canadians and Americans are brothers, period. Great to have you join the forum.
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    Welcome many great people i found here been on short time myself best regards. KEVIN
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    Welcome from the Texas Panhandle.
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    Welcome from Hawaii... for a few more weeks anyway
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    Welcome from Arkansas!
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    Welcome from Washington state. I love my Canadian brothers and since it's only 2 hours away I try to visit often. As a matter of fact my avatar is from Harrison Hot Springs, BC. It's amazing what has happened up there in the last few years. Stay strong and keep up the good fight.
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    Welcome to G&G...