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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome, I'm originally from the west coast, but have made a home of the east coast for the past 40 years, but a part of misses out west.
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome, I visited Cheyenne Wyoming when I was stationed in Denver, just loved the wide open area. I look forward to being a part of the G & G community.

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    I am in Balto. County on the Bay. Grew up on the water in a small place called Watersedge. My favorite part of Maryland is the western Md. counties. I used to hunt in Frederick but also in Garrett county near Kempton, Red House, Friendsville, Fairfax Stone area, Selby'sport and also in WV close to there. Hunted there for years and also trout fishing a lot. What town are you near?
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome, spent some time in San Antonio while in the Air Force, just loved it! I look forward to being a part of the G & G community.
  5. I'm just outside of Cumberland, in Allegany county. You drove right through my stomping grounds on your way to Friendsville!
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    I always stop at La Vale to eat. Its a quick exit to get off of 68 and get food at a few different places. I also bear hunted on a few farms on three different occasions. Got picked in the lottery hunt. I like the mountains and that is why I like it out there. Nice and peaceful
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome, I stayed in Ann Arbor for a week about 15 years ago, loved it! I'm glad to be a member of the G & G community.
  8. My sentiments exactly, I'm a union pipefitter, not a lot of work around home, I've always had to travel, but just couldn't bring myself to leave the area.
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  9. Thanks for the warm welcome!
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  10. Hi, thanks for the warm welcome! What a beautiful state you are from, definitely on my bucket list to visit when I retire.
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    I hear Ya. I am a Master HVACR mechanic. Only reason I stay here is for work. After retirement I plan on heading west a bit myself.
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    Well I am 450 miles West of Ole Cheyenne. Hope you enjoy your time here.:)
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    Welcome from Illinois
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    Another welcome from the pit of the prairie

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    Welcome from Arkansas!
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    Welcome from Colorado. This site sometimes gets really addictive. LOL
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    Welcome from central Maine
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    You know the difference in Old Mobeetie and New Mobeetie? Only folks in the panhandle might know.
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    Welcome from Colorado!

    What is this "very rare military revolver", if I may ask?
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    French or Dutch side?