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    About 2 miles.
    The railroad laid tracks North of Mobeetie. So they moved the town to the tracks, and called it New Mobeetie.
    Bat Masterson, Pat Garrett and Billy Dixon were among some of it's colorful characters.

    Billy Dixon had a famous 7/8 of a mile kill shot at the 2nd Battle of Adobe Walls.

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    Welcome to G&G from Alaska.

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    Welcome from Kentucky !!
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    Welcome from SE Iowa!
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  6. Hi Cyrano, Was wondering if you knew any of the history of my colt navy, I'm trying to find out if this revolver has been modified by colt or in original form, any information would be greatly appreciated.

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  7. Hi Rando, Finally got a chance to get back online, my work schedule keeps me pretty busy during the week. How's the weather in Balt. Western Maryland is beautiful this sunny 50 degree February day.
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  8. Made in USA, those were the days. Coming from a proud union pipefitter/plumber, it's a shame I've got to go to flea markets and yard sales, just to get a decent tool.
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  9. It is an 1889 Colt Navy .38 DA revolver, I've read there were only 5000 commissioned and most were modified. I think mine has not been modified, but not sure. What little information I have has been through reading on the intenet.
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  10. Hi, Thanks for the warm welcome, I look forward to being a part of the G & G community.
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome, I'm glad to be a part of the G & G community!
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    Yes I go to the flea markets about every weekend. I buy many tools. I also get better deals than coming from the supply warehouses. I picked up a new Klein tool bag full of tools last weekend. They were never used. I mainly wanted the Fluke True RMS meter and leads in it. It was never used and never had a battery in it yet. Also plastic on lens still. I don't really need the tools but grabbed them so cheap.
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    Its been warm to me. I wear a sweatshirt working outdoors. I worked this Saturday too and was foggy here on the water. You could not see twenty feet away. Its nice working this weather though.
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  14. Hey Rando, so much for spring! I believe I remember you saying that you were a collector of weapons. Was wondering if you have any info on my revolver, been trying to find out anything I can about its history, any info you had would be greatly appreciated.

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  15. Hey rondog, you seem to be much more knowledgeable on guns than I, was I wrong in thinking my Navy Revolver was rare, I would greatly appreciate any insight into the history of this Colt Navy revolver. I'll send a couple pics, perhaps you could give me your opinion. Thanks, Ken

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    Hey Ken I believe it is valuable. I think that pistol is pretty rare. Its a Colt double action Navy model. Its 38LC Caliber. I believe it is from the pics. They go for like $5000 on up. Have you had it for some time? In good condition it could fetch 10 grand or more. You need to find the small knurled knob missing on the cylinder release rod
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    A belated welcome from Leavenworth.
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    Welcome to the forum.