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Discussion in 'Hi-Point' started by Sober, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. Sober

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    I've been considering buying a Hi-Point Pistol cause they have a few different caliburs for 200 each at one of the local gunshops around here. I would like to know are they safe? reliable? do they shoot strait? I mean for 200 buck Im not to sure if I should even bother. Its just that I dont own a handgun yet and I want one. Any thoughts?
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    You are gooing to get a lot of pros and cons here, Sober. Some will tell you it is junk and others will tell you it is real good. Folks have them and say they are real good truck guns. I have one but have not had a chance to shoot it yet. The Warranty is forever on these from what I understand. They are a little on the heavy side but appear to be a good handgun especially for the price. My suggestion is to find someone who has one and try it out for yourself and see what you think. Good luck

  3. ive found them much cheaper at some places

    go to a gun show, bet you could find one there for around 150
  4. chucksnee

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    Love mine, I have the 40 cal. Love it becasue it is a bigger pistol and fits my hands better.

    The only thing it has a problem shooting is the steel casing bullets (wolf) anything other than that....it shoots.....

    Mine shoots very good, for what I use it for.....however shooting straight...in my opinion is up to the shooter....I can put a Kmber custom in your hands and may not be-able to hit anything....
  5. They're good pistols, ugly, but good. $200 is to much in my opinion....$150-175 is about right. They also have a lifetime warranty in case anything breaks. I've shot my friends .45 hi point and it hardly has any recoil. I wasn't that good with it but he was pretty darn good. Its not that they're bad guns or anything its just that they use cheaper materials. His has never jammed or any of that stuff, it always works. I've been meaning to get a hi point C9 9mm sometime when I find a good deal on one. The 9mm is smaller than the .40 and the .45 which I think looks better.
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  6. Sober

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    So what about take down I've heard they are a real pain and that they shouldn't be disassembled.....Do I just use a bore snake to clean or what? And also Im looking at either the 9mm or the .40 which one is better I mean I have big hands so I fear the 9mm might be to small. Thing is 9mm rounds are cheaper than the .40 so thats really the only reason Im lookin at the 9 but my buddy has a .40 and I love it(granted its a glock).
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  7. I would personally go with the 9mm because I can get a box 9mm at wally world for under $10 while .40 is about $12. Also I don't find it to hard to take them apart...here's a vid.

  8. cooker300

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    had one not bad,
    just remember that u get what you pay for. i have seen ruger SR9 for 300
    the s&W sigma for 350
    the stroger couger for 345.
    for 100 to 150 more i think you could get a lot better gun.

    the hipoints are heavy bulky and hard as heck to tear down you need 3 hands
  9. I've heard that the sigma's have HORRIBLE triggers. And I don't see how they are hard as heck to tear down....looks pretty easy to me.
  10. Sober

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    Maybe used! The ruger SR9 is no less that 450 ,the Sigma is like 400 and the couger is also like 450 at least her in Seattle
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  11. drtybykr

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    A sigma in atlanta is only $250 NIB at the gun shows
  12. captsquirrel

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    I bought one in .380 just for the heck of it. It is not viable for concealed carry but for something to just have fun with I think they are just fine.
    Accuracy is good enough for targets and beer cans. I haven't shot it a whole lot maybe 300 rounds in three different brands and haven't had any problems.
  13. Sober

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    What about the cooling off period? here in Washington its 5 days for Handguns. does the wait period apply at gunshows?
  14. cooker300

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    sober wow

    over the last 2 weeks i have been to 10-12 gun shops BPS, cabelas, gander mtn (were i work parttime ) and a bunch of mom an pop shops and those 3 guns i said were all selling brand new for those prices.

    PA dont have a waiting period
  15. Sober

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    The upside side to seattle(Washington) is we can buy any gun there is as long as its not full auto the down side apparently is the price!
  16. I'll throw in my .02. I have the 40, bought it the saturday after my 21 birthday, paid $180 out the door NIB, I turned 25 last month. I've put around 400 rounds through it. I can outshoot my buddy with his Kahr in 40. Only problem I've had was one of the lips on the mag got bent and was having several fail to feeds, but luckily I found it and bent it back. I've had one other fail to feed and that was due to a dirty feed ramp. Wiped the junk off and haven't had any other problems. I've never tore it down, just locked the slide back, run patches, and lubed what I can get with a reel oil pen. Yes they are heavy and bulky. They are not CCWs. But the make handy night stand and truck guns. Mine came with a ghost ring sight, if they still come with it, go ahead and put it on. I can acquire the target much faster and easier. I have found that the guys that usually dog these guns have never had one in their hands. They are 100% Americian made with 100% Americain parts and have a lifetime, no questions asked warranty. Show me another pistol that is like that for that same price and I'll buy two.
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  17. thoricuncle

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    I've never understood the "hard as heck to tear down" thought.

    When I got mine, I was scared to tear it down. After I did it once; it was no big deal. It might not be as easy to tear down as a Glock but if you can tear down a pump shotty, you can tear down a Hi-Point.
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  18. chucksnee

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    I believe it comes from....you cannot do a "field strip" of the gun....

    I own the .40 but without tools can you break it down? I don't know, I have never cleaned mine except for the exterior portion of the gun...

    I don't know...but that is my theory..
  19. Improvise...all you need is something to push a pin out.
  20. thoricuncle

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    All you need is a 1/8" pin punch to tear it down (actually 3/32" punch works a bit better IMHO). Punch the pin out, lift up on the slide carefully, when it clears, move it forward and off the frame. The 9mm and 380 are very easy to take apart, the .40 has a longer and stronger recoil spring. Same process but put a dish towel on it to prevent the spring from "sproinging" across the room.

    Now, look at a Mossberg pump. Take a pin punch and punch out a pin over the trigger assembly. Remove the trigger and then remove the carrier and slide. In actuality, the Mossberg is a bit more difficult to tear down than the Hi-Point.

    Even the AK47 requires a tool to remove the gas tube and that is heralded as one of the easiest weapons in the world to tear down.

    Admittedly, the Hi-Point is a bit more difficult than a Glock. But I don't think it is dramatically difficult to tear down. You don't here people running down a Mossberg because it is so hard to tear down.