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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Armorer, Jul 22, 2002.

  1. Armorer

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    Well I am updating a lot of my equipment. Most is 70's vintage. So I decided to update my ghille suit.

    For those who don't know who or what a ghillie is. It seemed a game warden many years ago found out he could shred burlap and tint it, make a suit to wear it the forest and catch pouchers!

    Well now a days, there is a fine art to making one, and all kinds of friends on the net to give you what you need and take your money.

    Of course I am not a game warden (nor a poucher), but a lover of the great outdoors and nature watcher :) (yeah thats the ticket).

    Sometimes the Mrs. and I just don't want to be seen be the animals we are admiring, or pesky humans.

    I have been studying making a modern ghille for about a month or so now.

    Burlap is out, Jute is in. Lots of cool web sites for you to visit, and learn about the craft. BTW I didn't even know exsisted two months ago.

    For the finest PRO suit kits your money can buy go to:


    Mike is a super guy, knows his stuff.

    If you want to spend a little less (get less too), and build yourself a home spun ghille out of everyday items and thier kit, go to:


    Tracy was great to deal with.

    Anyone else is a waste of time. I have spent less than $200 and have enough stuff to build three suits.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Used to use ghillie suits on our Reforger exercises in Germany, pretty cool.

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    Never understood why it was called ReForGer. Return of what Forces to Germany? Half the US Army is stationed there already!

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    I questioned that once myself. 1ST sgt just shugged his shoulders and told me to get back behind that .30 cal.
  5. jerry

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    going to Germany this fall 3rd trip. Love the country. No Ghillie suit just wrenches, bloody knuckles and good beer!

    oops, sorry, 4th trip. Glad wife knows me better than i do
  6. Armorer

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    Reforger! Man I used to love that. I loved the smell of C.S. in the morning! Heck all the time there!

    That may be the last time I used a ghillie for what it was intended for :)

    NRAJoe, we must be cut from the same cloth.

    Err G.P. small canvas that is!