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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Philly Tom, Apr 12, 2002.

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    I'm new to this forum so here's my first post. I own a beautiful Browning Hi Power standard purchased in 1978. It's in immaculate condition in and out. However, it seems so inaccurate that it's driving me nuts. My brother and I, both failry experienced shooters, have had little success in zeroing-in this baby on a 25 meter range. It has adjustable rear sight and a ramp up front. When we finally can get it to make a group, perhaps 6 inches, then reload the magazine and shoot again, it's all over the place. I mean there are times when we swear its not even hitting the backboard. Either that or ever shot is going thru the same hole. We sand bag it when shooting from a rest position. This gun has had less than 1,000 rounds thru it. A local gun smith, or two have looked at it, put a bore light down it and said there appears to be nothing wrong, visably. The barrel does not have excessive movement in the frame, perhaps 1/32 of an inch max. The barrel is clean, with good rifling. I love this gun as I inherited it from my father, a Navy combat pilot. Anybody care to take a crack at this problem or should I just send it out to the factory service center?
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    Philly Tom,
    Sending to the Browning factory is NOT the answer. Sending it to Don Williams at ActionWorks WILL do it. Don is one of the administrators on this forum, and an EXCELLENT gunsmith. He will NOT sell you anything you don't need and his prices are very fair. You can post on this forum and Don will in all likhttp://www.theactionworks.com/elyhood respond in short order. OR, listed below is his website at ActionWorks. He is GREAT and WILL diagnose the problem and let you know your options.
    ActionWorks: http://www.theactionworks.com/

    Best of luck, Jeffro (Jeff)

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    Tom, I would first make sure you don't have a problem with the rear sight. If your HP has the old style Browning European rear sight, I'd make sure everything is tightened down real well, particularly the windage screws. The windage adjustment on this type of sight has no detents, and to adjust windage you loosen one screw and tighten the other side. If one screw is loose, the blade can "walk" back and forth from side to side and your shots will be all over the place. If the sight is solid, I would try slugging the bore. One shooter recently had a problem with an oversize bore at .359, which is way too large for your bullets. If you bore is oversize, you really have no choice other than to replace the barrel. If you go this way, an aftermarket match barrel is actually going to be cheaper than a new factory barrel. Hope this helps.