Hikers packing concealed heat

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    Hikers who want to leave their daily lives behind sleep next to strangers in shelters, and many trade their real names for trail names. They sometimes can walk two or three days to find a town or a phone. While leaving society behind is refreshing, being alone in the woods also can be terrifying.

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    While murders, rapes, robberies, and aggravated assaults are infrequent happenings according to the statistics shown, it can leave you dead or hurt and possibly crippled for life if it happens just once. I prefer to be able to protect me and my family as there is not likely to be any policeman close enough to offer any assistance.

  3. That is kind of lame. I am a big guy and always carry a knife not so much for protection but as a working tool so im not worried about my self out in the woods. But when I am out side on the trails it can be a long time before you see someone if you see anyone at all. Alot of the people I do see are mostly small women and older people. For a criminal they might look like a easy targets and with out a back packing rifle or something they wouldnt have much to even the odds.
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    I've been carrying on the Appalachian Trail since 1975. Never a peep from the Rangers.
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    We were toting pistols on the trails even in my youth. It's a great idea today as well as it was then. Good in case of 2,3,or 4 legged preditors.

    I don't know why it's been such a big deal to some--seems to make sense to have a kit gun of some sort just like a poncho, firestarters, knife, or water. Basic piece of survival equipment.

    I did not like the comments in the article from the 4-5 pound pistol guy buffoon. When are people going to realize the average Joe or Jane toting a firearm isn't an "accident waiting to happen." -- I'd feel far safer with someone carrying a firearm than someone oblivious to the world, blabbing on the cell phone, cutting across 3 lanes of highway.
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    New York
    You know, I might find this article more credible if the reporter had done a little more checking. I mean, a five pound pistol? I've handled (not fired) S&W Model 29s, a Desert Eagle .44 Magnum, and one of those new S&W .50 caliber revolvers that I think are meant for hunting elk or something. All of them are too heavy for me, but none of them weigh five pounds! You start talking five pounds, you're talking about pistol-caliber carbines or maybe skeletonized-stock short rifles. The photo of the gal with her pistol the article showed looked like she was carrying a Walther PPK or some variant thereof like a PA-63 or a Bersa Thunder. Nothing in that class weighs five pounds. Even if she was carrying an Army .45, you aren't going to get near that weight. It does cost the writer some credibility, and it makes me wonder what other facts his article got wrong.
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    That is too common - the News wonks know NOTHING of the subject they are reporting on.

    When I'm out in the wild, I am packing. :scool:
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    Yea. Lots do. Nobody flaunts their weapons. The cops ignore non troublemakers. The locals are all for it.

    Life is good.
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    "Handguns weighing five to 10 pounds are comparatively heavy, and if they are buried in a backpack out of sight it could take a hiker too long to reach one in an emergency, he said."

    Zen900 replies: Any of y'all have a 10 pound handgun? I have semiautos that weigh less than 10 ozs.
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    I can't do the hiking thing, but if I could, I'd be sportin' a Roscoe. When I get my Willys Jeep running and on the trails, might just be packin' two of 'em.
  11. I've made a habit of carrying my pistol every where I go though I do leave it in my truck when I go in stores.
    If I went on a hike in the wilderness, you better beleive I would be carrying !!!
    For all the reasons said here plus one other !!! BIG FOOT !!! LOL
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    I am never scared of anything in the woods. I feel at peace there, However, I think it would be assinine for a female to go hiking alone without a light handgun. Regardless of what the law is all female hikers should be armed. I'd be willing to bet most of them are anyhow.
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    My grandmother gave me a book on the Appalachian Trail with I was a kid. I still have hopes of one day hiking it, but you'd best believe I'd be armed.
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    I have a friend that hiked it from end-to-end, I forget how many months it took him.
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    I usualy have my 12ga when hiking, if I don't, it is my pistol. I always carry something, always. I also make my wife carry the 12ga when I don't go hiking with her, she isn't allowed to go out there unarmed.
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    I carry, always.
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    We dont have eleven foot tall, 1500lb squirrels like you guys have in Alaska. People carry down here because of threats from other people. Ive only had one black bear run-in down here but Ive had quite a few people run-ins. Bears behave better than people. I think it's because bears have stronger family units than humans do.
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    Unless I am naked I have a gun on me. If I am naked there is one close and that all I will say.
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    Ok, but have you ever actually FIRED a gun while naked? :09: