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    Sunday, June 2, 2002 10:28 p.m. EDT

    Hillary Tells NRA Member: I Used to Be a Duck Hunter

    In a surprise revelation during a Memorial Day campaign swing through upstate New York, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton announced that she used to be a duck hunter.

    The bizarre claim went unreported till Sunday, when Long Island's Newsday detailed a Clinton reception in the tiny village of Fort Ann, N.Y.

    Resident Holden Clous, a National Rifle Association member, asked what the paper described as "a rather hostile question" about why Mrs. Clinton favored tightening laws governing gun show sales.

    "He wasn't satisfied when she said it was a logical safety measure to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, but he seemed surprised when she said she had once hunted," the paper said.

    Newsday then added, "It was ducks and a long time ago, she amplified later."

    Clinton apparently declined to give further details on her days as a game fowl hunter, including who she hunted with, what kind of shotgun she used and how many ducks she killed.

    The New York senator's long-secret hunting days conjured up memories of other unlikely assertions she's offered over the years, such as:

    The claim that she once tried to enlist in the Army but was turned down because she was too old.

    Her 2000 senatorial campaign metamorphosis into a Jewish New York Yankees fan.

    Her 1996 announcement that at age 49, she and President Clinton were thinking of adopting another child.

    The assertion that her parents named her after famed British mountain climber Sir Edmund Hilary, even though he was a complete unknown at the time who wouldn't scale Mt. Everest until five years after she was born.
    During a series of small-town gatherings, Clinton told the rural crowds that she much preferred meeting with them to television appearances on shows like "Meet the Press."
    "It's the nuts-and-bolts stuff of being a senator, as opposed to being on TV, talking about stuff, which I could do every night if I wanted to," the superstar senator explained.

    Her newfound affinity for rural constituents stands in marked contrast to her days in Arkansas, where she used to dismiss such encounters with four-letter epithets.

    The New York senator's former business partner, Susan McDougal, described one such encounter in 1996 for "Blood Sport" author James Stewart.

    As McDougal looked on during a political reception, an Arkansas woman approached Mrs. Clinton with the gift of a pair of "razorback earrings" in the shape of hogs. She asked Hillary to put them on, but the then-Arkansas first lady icily demurred.

    After the gift giver moved away, Clinton blurted out to McDougal, "See, this is the kind of s--t I have to put up with here."

    quoted from www.newsmax.com
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    Maybe she quit because she couldn't hit a duck with her AK47, so she switched to hunting deer with an Uzi, only to flop again......

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    It's just amazing that someone could actually go into a polling booth and pull the lever beside her name. One down, one to go.
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    No you are ALL WRONG....DUCK is the code word for people involed in investigating the Clintons....She she "Hunted" and "Killed" "DUCKS wink Wink....that explains all the people who died suddenly when they investagated white water..paul jones ect. Or when Bill comes home smelling like an intern she would grab her shotgun and yell "Hay look a duck" :)