Hillary..Time for her to pack up her pantsuits...

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Marine1, May 9, 2008.

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    Ann Coulder, what a gal! Gutsy as they come!

    Well, it looks like it's the end of the road for Hillary. Time for her to pack up her pantsuits and go back to -- wherever it is she's pretending to be living these days. Now we just have to get rid of the other two. Perhaps if I endorse Obama ...

    This week, Bill Clinton lost his second presidential election for a protege.

    Welcome to AnnCoulter.com
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    Pack 'em up? Why? She and Obama are just starting to get interesting to watch. I agree with the Ann Coulter support though. Let Hillary and Obama self-destruct; it's fun to watch. I, unfortunately, have not figured out who to vote for. The "front runners" are all too liberal for me to stomach.

  3. mitch_mckee

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    Oh I do so hope Hil-Bill stay in the game until the bitter end.
  4. rondog

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    Fixed that for ya....:09:
  5. Rave

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    Pretty sorry lot to choose from,but folks picked 'em in the primaries.:sad:
  6. Gore wasn't Clinton's "protege." If he had been, instead of desperately trying to distance himself from Clinton until the very last minute, he'd have won. Instead, he tried to prove he was his own man. He wouldn't take any advice from him, and he wouldn't even show up on the stage with him unless he had to. That isn't the definition of a protege...it does, however, fit the definition of "political stupidity getting in the way of winning."

    Of course, Ann Coulter never lets a little thing like simple facts get in the way when she's sneering at someone...
  7. Texan

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    Tell ya right now...this ain't over by a long shot. The "Super Delegate" thing is going to play big in the final days. And then there's going to be the courts...cause neither one of 'em is going to accept what the people want just what the courts say. Gore got the courts involved and they are, in my opinion going to be the "Big Super Delegate" of the future in the Democrat party.

  8. The super delegates are a non-issue. They've never voted to overturn the popular primary vote, and they won't now. Hillary's grasping at straws on that one; ain't gonna happen.

    And I guarantee no Democratic candidate is going to court to fight the results of primary elections and the Democratic Convention, either.
  9. Windwalker

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    Marine 1, endorse Obama? Bite your tongue. How shameful.
  10. mitch_mckee

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    Gore lost because he couldn't even carry his home state.
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    Now just where...in my post did I mention that I support Obama??? I believe I only mentioned...(Quote): "Ann Coulder, what a gal! Gutsy as they come!" (Unquote).

    The post itself below this...was a partial first paragraph link to Ann's website...:hitwithrock:.....(LOL)!!!! OOO-Rah, Bro!!