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    A man is shipwrecked on an island for years. On this island is a sheep and a dog. Everywhere the sheep goes so does the dog. The man having been here for some time and lonely decides he would become intimate with the sheep. But everytime the man aproaches the sheep the dog tries to take a bite out of his leg. This goes on for several months until the man decides to give up.

    The following day he sees a lady clinging for dear life to some wrechage in the surf. He swims out there to help her ashore and cares for her until she gains her strength.

    The woman comes to and says "Thank you, I am First Lady Hillary Clinton". After talking with the man and finding out that it has been sometime since he was with a woman she decides to give herself to the stanger. "Sir since you have bravely risked your life to save me is there anything that I may do for you RIGHT now?"

    The man Looks at her, his eyes get wide as he can't believe what she is asking him and quickly replies:

    "SURE, can you take this dog for a walk!"
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    Dogs of a feather flock together...or something like that

    I can visualize both dogs walking off together. (ha):nod: