History Channel:: After Armageddon

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  2. I watched the show today. Like you said its quite eye opening, when times are tough people don't screw around. I liked it.

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    After armageddon. Jesus comes back, opens a big can of whoopa$$ with his P-38, dumps it on Satan and cleans house, giving man kind a well deserved enema. God sends the goats to hell, torches the earth then fixes it. Jesus sets up housekeeping and rules for ever.

    I read the spoiler. :D
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    Cheater cheater sewer rat eater!!

    On another note, Drag...give me a call about 6pm your time. I wanted to discuss some things with you.
  5. Hmmm I always pictured Jesus with a sawed off shotgun and a glock 18 in the other hand.
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    Now you're just exaggerating...he's got an automatic blunderbuss...can you say death-by-spoonage?
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    Jesus would never use a glock. He would use a real gun like a Sig Sauer or a Baretta.
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    jesus shoots a 1911... trust me...
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    I'm goin with this one...Jesus likes purity...the only thing more pure than a 1911..well..you know who he is...LOL. Plus...there isn't a single other gun design that every other company in the world has made a copy of...why? "Because it's like totally awesome dude." (Courtesy of Jeff Spicolli)
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    Jesus would not use any weapon, He is all powerful and has no need for mans impotent tools:cool3:
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    Well the bible does say something about defending your family with a sword right? The sword has just evolved into a gun...slash & slice has turned into aim and fire!! :handgun:
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    i saw this when i aire the first time. It was an awesome show. It was very much like a how to guide if TSHTF. If some disaster like this did come true then i don't want to be in a city when it takes place. I do like the fact they showed how people continue on and start all over again. Which too me alot of times it seems like it might not be a bad idea.
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    "looks like this guy thought he was a cow boy!"
    that line cracked me up. Glad I don't live in a large city.
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  16. Archetype_wyo

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    Yeah...a freakin .38 with a 2in barrel...quite the John Wayne there Siskel.
  17. I will have to try and catch this show......will mess with the DVR later.
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    I saw this when it aired last year. My wife asked if we had enough ammo after we watched it. I, of course, said no and was able to purchase another 2500 rounds.

    Once again, a teaching tool for what NOT to do.
    Also, as a paramedic, he should've picked up some antibiotics from a pharmacy. H was left basically unarmed with only the side arm and a few rounds. My family as a collective decided it would be better to be the pickup load of people with rifles. I hope it is aired at a more reasonable time.