History repeating?

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  1. Her story is from her experience in Venezuela...she lives in US now but see a huge correlation of what happened in her former country and current events here.
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    The left wing extreme commies want to do exactly what was done in Venezuela but this time they'll do it right. Frankly, if you "do it right" according to the Marxist instructions, it will turn out bad every time. We have roughly 120 days to save this country from disaster. If Biden gets elected and the Dems keep the house and heaven forbid take the Senate it's lights out.

    Fact is, if Joe Biden wins the election, he will never serve as President. He may sit in the oval office and fly on AF1, but all the shots will be called by the radical left to which he is aligned. Personally, I don't believe the polls are an accurate predictor of the election, but either way it's going to be very close. We all have to be active and every single level headed person in this country has got to vote!

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    if our side doesn't start pushing back we are doomed !:mad: this has gone far enough! our spineless politicians are leading us to slaughter! where is their outrage at what is going on? one day we will wake up and it will be too late!!!:mad::mad:
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    Could very well be.

    People need to suck it up and realize what's going on.

    There's no common ground in dealing with these control freaks or their street thugs.
    Compromise can never be reached they'll only want more the next time.

    In a way I'm surprised this happened now I figured it would be at election day or the week after. But I was concerned about it last December with the attitudes of the left during the impeachment horse crap.
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    I saw her on Fox News recently . She makes a very convincing case !!
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    history repeating its self? to be honest, only time will tell. my pastor and i agree, we have never seen times like this before and we are both up in our years.
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    WOW,Tucker was awsome! :usa2:
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    We have the NEA and a lot of the teachers unions to blame for a lot of the commie indoctrination our children have been subjected to !!
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    one of the worst things that happened to public schools was under george bush. he changed the noon lunch to pure crap furnished by big corporations. no more home cooked meals at the schools, just crap you and i would not eat and makes big money for the corporations that supply that pure junk. he was about money for the corporations, he also increased the interest rate on student loans, he wanted the rich to get richer. and he did it anywheres he could. even in schools and colleges.
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    I dunno,could be?:(
  11. Rave

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    Kicking the can down the road didn't accomplish much fifty years ago,still doesn't do much,same old problems. :(
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