Hmmm, A Plant Wide Furlough...

Discussion in 'Remington' started by ChaZam, Sep 25, 2020.

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  3. Ranger4

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    Wow. Remington and Marlin guns at risk? I really think they will come back, when these deals happen, they dump the debt, streamline, and then pick back up with the most popular products. I expect to see Rem 700s and shotguns and Marlin levers here for the long haul. I hope.
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    If a firearms and ammo manufacturer can't make money with what's been going on over the last year I don't know what to say about their viability.
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    Won't take long for the Liberals to claim credit for this!
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    It might bear reading this article again that I posted in the thread about Remington selling their ammo business. Some shenanigans went on regarding huge loans, holding companies, and then Remington maybe buying the holding company and inhering that debt, which seems odd to me since Remington is sort of a red headed stepchild in the Freedom Group/Cerberus hierarchy. Some shenanigans going on, and I doubt that Remington is calling all of the shots.
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